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The continuing humiliation of the Carwash!

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And so it goes on - The poor cat thought things couldn't get any worse.
First he was shaved.. then he was forced to wear a girly jerkin'

Then on Sunday, Annalise found a single flea on the poor little guy :o(

That was that... The cat had to be Flea Dipped.

Luckily Carwash lives up to his name and has a real love of water!
He sat good as gold as he got washed and lathered - but once again,
that look on his face just says " Just wait till you sleep... You
have to sleep sometime!"


Jig along says:

These are really good. Keep them coming:)

2nd Oct 2007, 00:03

hildegard says:

Classic stuff. :)
Think my cat would have my hand off if I tried that, so we just go for fiprinol drops on his neck. Very impressed with Carwash's forebearance....

2nd Oct 2007, 00:35

Dhamaka says:


2nd Oct 2007, 08:45

Euphro says:

Poor little fellah, but he obviously trusts you :)

2nd Oct 2007, 13:17

Geodyne says:

Poor little fella.

He may not be happy, but there's such a patient, forbearing look in his eyes!

2nd Oct 2007, 13:25

JokerXL says:

*wipes tears of laughter away*
Poor thing, but such a classic!

3rd Oct 2007, 06:55

still life says:

absolutely hilarious! i'm quite enjoying looking through ur blogs very funny stuff :) esp the david dickenson dream lol...i'd neeed therapy after that!

10th Mar 2009, 11:05