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A 366-day pursuit in personal portraiture, presented by nige.

The challenge: to photograph, and post to this moblog, a portrait shot of myself, every single day, over the next year. Apparently, it's much harder than it sounds...

Perhaps more challenging: that i don't enjoy seeing my phizog in a photo at the best of times, and knowing that i'm probably going to annoy the hell out of the moblog community in doing this. So, sincere apologies in advance for this undertaking, but i just can't help myself. I promise to try and be creative, so you won't have to look at my mug every day.

Anyone interested in joining me? I think i'm probably going to need the company...

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From the Bronx to Milton Keynes, via Leeds - my new shirt.

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I beam a smile that Bronxelf thought enough of me to send me this shirt. Geo carried it across the Altlantic, brought it to term, and gave birth to this lovely piece of sartorial elegance in Leeds, at Beth's Sela exhibition. I brought it back to MK on the Monster, and now here it is, documented for your viewing pleasure. With thankyou note on slice of bread.

Bronxelf, it fits! The colour is gorgeous, and the next client i meet is going to get an eyeful of this little number. They won't know what hit them.

Geo, thankyou too for agreeing to bring "the shirt", as it will now be known :)
3rd Oct 2007, 21:01   | tags:,,,,


Tori says:

Very nice indeed.

Thank you bread - I don't think I've seen that before.

3rd Oct 2007, 21:04

FilbertFox says:

wow, what a colour, that would clash with my hair

3rd Oct 2007, 21:24

Dhamaka says:

wish you well to wear it!

3rd Oct 2007, 21:29

Caine says:

That is so very *you*. It's a very snazzy shirt, and I do like the thanksbread. Yay! for you, Elf and Geo. :D

3rd Oct 2007, 22:18

WhoseShoes says:

just your colour Nige ;-)

3rd Oct 2007, 23:53

nige says:

i love the colour. looks good with my navy suit ; )

4th Oct 2007, 00:12

Viv says:

ooh very nice I didn't notice at Sela - all I remember is the bag you were 'wearing' didn't even check to see what was on your feet :)

4th Oct 2007, 01:46

swamprose says:

that shirt is a statement. brava belf and geo.

what was the sartorial footwear, btw?

4th Oct 2007, 02:18

nige says:

i wore shoes actually. the flips stayed in MK the whole weekend. i was at a loss.

4th Oct 2007, 10:53

Geodyne says:

It suits you, sir. I'm so pleased you like it!

(Note to all - this shot makes it look orange on my screen. It's really a fetching shade of pink.)

I had noticed the lack of flips, by the way. I'd been expecting them, but understand you may not have wanted to wear them on the moster!

4th Oct 2007, 11:55

bronxelf says:

Yeah I was about to say, it looks orange in this image but it isn't. It's pink.

Orange shirts go elsewhere. :)

I'm so glad it fits. It had been sitting in my back hall closet forever. Enjoy!

4th Oct 2007, 23:00

nige says:


5th Oct 2007, 14:32

MaggieD says:

It looks a lovely shade of apricot on my screen (I assume it is not Barbie pink) ... must say it looks good on you :)

5th Oct 2007, 15:07

still be able to spot you no mater what colour the shirt ;-)

5th Oct 2007, 15:13

nige says:

it looks orangey pink on mine! thanks maggie.

slg, i think you might...possibly because i'll be wearing green!

5th Oct 2007, 15:34

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