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Prompted by Nige and Sprockets retro posts!

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Will quite possibly regret posting these. Some of these were the less than good promo shots for a single I was making at the time!

7th Oct 2007, 13:34   | tags:,,

the second shot was circa 1977/78/79 not sure.

7th Oct 2007, 13:42

Jane Doe says:

Classic! Love the Woman in Red shot
ah, fingerless gloves, I remember you well

7th Oct 2007, 13:48

Thanks JD . You know I am sure I was taller then too :-)

7th Oct 2007, 13:53

nige says:

haven't changed a bit! you still have the cheekiness, thats for sure. love number 3. ace colours :)

7th Oct 2007, 14:01

ViX says:

Thats some back-combing you got going on there! hehe :)

7th Oct 2007, 14:02

nige says:

maybe we should put all of these on the timewarp blog.


7th Oct 2007, 14:04

Thanks Nige and yep we probably should put these on the timewarp blog! I was very uncomfortable in the third shot as it was suggested that I should perhaps be wearing less clothing........... I think you can see from the expression on my face what my response to that was!

Vix ther e was a fair amount of hairspray used too

7th Oct 2007, 14:16

kel says:

loving these! you look great!

7th Oct 2007, 14:17

thanks kel alot younger, thinner and it would appear taller! though those heels were very high!

7th Oct 2007, 14:18

Sprocket says:

how fabulous are these :-)

I also believe I was a lot taller in the 80s. I learned today that you grow 3 inches in space, so I have just posted my application to be an astronaut.

*goes off to the timewarp blog*

7th Oct 2007, 14:33

thanks sprocket. I always wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger

7th Oct 2007, 14:37

OJ says:

You look great SLG. Was Morgan Le Fay your stage name?

I particularly love the tights and the fingerless gloves. The makeup in the last shot made me smile too. I had forgotten that style...

7th Oct 2007, 14:42

swamprose says:

wow. oh yes.. you can't help it if you were always incredible.

7th Oct 2007, 14:50

hildegard says:

You can generally put back an inch or so in height if you do Alexander Technique...

7th Oct 2007, 15:33

MaggieD says:

Wow, SLG, these are ace .... :)

7th Oct 2007, 15:53

they are AWESOME shots!

7th Oct 2007, 16:09

beth says:


7th Oct 2007, 21:06

Dhamaka says:

what a great memory!

7th Oct 2007, 21:45

OJ Morgan Le Fay was the name of the band. Very contrived I know and kind of makes me wince a bit now when I think about it!. Its only now I realise just how much blusher I had on my cheeks - absolutely hideous!. The kids fell on teh floor laughing when they saw that picture.

h I did use the Alexander technique when I was pregnant and found it extremely useful, now I am afraid I am just too lazy and can pick any part of my body that isnt working and use that as am excuse for avoiding strenuous excercise!

Thanks SW, Maggie, ninja, Beth.

D it all seems such a long time ago, but it was alot of fun (the bits I remember!)

7th Oct 2007, 22:04

tmk says:

Lady in red ;-))))))))))))))

9th Oct 2007, 22:47

WhoseShoes says:

thanks 095 and tmk

9th Oct 2007, 22:48

Viv says:

they are fabulous

3rd Nov 2007, 10:25