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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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Another day, another hat

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And this time it's the full Miss Marple.

hildegard says:

I do like a nice cloche. Handy in the garden too...

12th Oct 2007, 09:37

taniwha says:

I like the upside down one though I guess you weren't hanging from the ceiling when you took it (or does it have a chin band).

12th Oct 2007, 10:21

OJ says:

Ha, funny you should say that, I'm getting a bit batty ;)

12th Oct 2007, 10:40

taniwha says:

batty is good.

12th Oct 2007, 10:44

Steve says:

Ah now that's better, your sparkle has returned.

12th Oct 2007, 13:30

OJ says:

Yep, it's a far less glamorous shot but I didn't want anyone worrying!

12th Oct 2007, 13:34

MaggieD says:

Agree with Steve, love that slightly wicked/knowing smile and sparkly eyes .... and I am sure Miss Marple has a similar one ;)

12th Oct 2007, 17:37

nige says:

menacing marple.

12th Oct 2007, 18:11

OJ says:

Well you do wonder why people always drop dead when she comes to town.

12th Oct 2007, 19:03

swamprose says:

NOT miss marple. I see the 1920s proper librarian who just throws off the cloche and a few other things one night at the church dance and enters an entirely new life...too young, too much sparkle under that hat.

13th Oct 2007, 00:11

OJ says:

Hello Swamprose. Fantastic imagination you have, as ever. There's always an element of dress-up to hats isn't there?

I'm not sure I shall keep wearing my new hat if it makes me look repressed though!

13th Oct 2007, 00:42

swamprose says:

no, you're nowhere near repressed, madam.
I think I am writing some movie script for people in hats.

13th Oct 2007, 01:18

beth says:

love that hat. more cutesy in an amelie way i think.

13th Oct 2007, 16:04

Helen says:

I have a cloche hat too! Waiting for it to get colder so I can wear it with the necessary accessories.

That is a very fine hat : )

13th Oct 2007, 16:50

OJ says:

Oh I didn't think of Amelie. I shall try it next time I'm feeling slightly Audrey Tatou.

13th Oct 2007, 17:30