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this is me, trying to put down my thoughts about everything and anything in the most sincere way possible, trying to find order in the chaos that is my life, trying to throw some mediocre-to-good pictures in along the way and trying to do it all in such a charming way that maybe someone actually finds pleasure in reading it all.

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so this is it.
the moment i've been waiting for for over 18 months.
it's finally here.
and even though this is not what i'd imagined it looking like.
there's something good about it.
something possibly better than if it would have come the way. everyone expected it to come.
so i'm going to just do it.
and ignore all doubts and fears.
because sooner or later, it'll happen anyway.

dear God let it be good.


i'm 5 minutes into song 8 and they have done it again, they've conquered my heart.

EDIT number 2

i'm now on listen two and it's just ...

bloody brilliant!

12th Oct 2007, 15:54  


bfish says:


12th Oct 2007, 18:32

nige says:

wingmaker, you are clearly an avid sex & the city fan.

12th Oct 2007, 18:34

chocolate says:

well, you've all figured it out, you've caught me red-handed:

i admit it.
i love radiohead.


and to wingmaker:

that's a brilliant phrase, because it's completely true. it can be hard to understand, but you can completely ruin things if you expect too much, whatever it is.

12th Oct 2007, 18:45

bfish says:

*i'm off to order the disk

12th Oct 2007, 19:09

bfish says:

heh, i'm rather impressed by the "it's up to you" option on inrainbows site

12th Oct 2007, 19:14

nige says:

of course!

13th Oct 2007, 00:02

chocolate says:

tell me about wingmaker, it's crazy!

14th Oct 2007, 21:44

chocolate says:

did you really? wow, i'm sincerely touched =)

16th Oct 2007, 21:22

billion says:

mate, in rainbows is the best album I've heard in... a very very long time. beautiful thing, especially "house of cards", listening to it every day.

23rd Oct 2007, 22:54