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Fun With Movies is a puzzle game from an idea by monkeyfinger and bfish.

The object of the game is to work out what movie has been posted. The first person to guess then gets to post the next movie, and so on.

Rules of the game:

post 4 stills from a movie, or 4 images that are clues to the movie's title.

Keep track of replies to your post so you can tell when someone has guessed correctly

Let the winner know in the comments below so they can post their own!

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all this in one film

Posted by bfish

16th Oct 2007, 21:01   | tags:


bfish says:

guess this! muahahahaha

16th Oct 2007, 21:01

Alfie says:

Well, I do happen to share a home with a girl from Moscow, but that would be unfair :)

16th Oct 2007, 22:09

bfish says:

Well, my post is not so fair in the first place...

17th Oct 2007, 06:23

bfish says:


17th Oct 2007, 17:22

bfish says:

once there was a magic mirror that didn't reflect beauty and exaggerated ugliness and evil. When it was broken millions of pieces of glass flew across the world. at the beginning of the film one of the splinters hits an eye of a communal services official(clerk?). from that moment on he sees only the worst in what surrounds him.

17th Oct 2007, 17:33

Alfie says:

So it's the Snow Queen, but a modernised Russian version featuring down-trodden bureaucrats?

17th Oct 2007, 18:58

swamprose, nli says:

does that wonderful face belong to Evgeni Leonov?

18th Oct 2007, 00:56

bfish says:

yes it does.
but that won't help you. he has over 60 film titles in his list.

sort of a Snow Queen, yes, but the cameras are focused exclusively on Kai's metamorphosis for the whole one and a half hours of it.

18th Oct 2007, 07:39

Alfie says:

Snezhnaya koroleva ?

18th Oct 2007, 10:55

Alfie says:

nah, that's not it. Funny he was actually in an early movie of the Snow Queen though :)


18th Oct 2007, 10:59

bfish says:


66 titles left

18th Oct 2007, 11:18

Alfie says:

:D hahaha! Yeah, I'm not going to even try. Once I know the name though Ill hunt it out, as not even my quite filmic flatmate (who loves Evgeni) hasn't seen it.

18th Oct 2007, 11:20

bfish says:

i guess, when this film was shot it was taken as just another satire on bureaucracy.
now anyone can see that the jokes were deeper and humane, but very few people like digging through old low budget movies.

one more clue: the same director as in Nastya.

be quick - it is almost 7 AM in Toronto

18th Oct 2007, 11:44

swamprose says:

This is not one of the films I have seen with Ivanov and made by Daneliya. These films are really hard to get here and expensive to buy.

so congratulations, bfish, you win.

18th Oct 2007, 14:15

hildegard says:

If you want it to stop here Bfish, I'll let it go, otherwise; think it was made in 1983...

18th Oct 2007, 14:42

swamprose says:

hildegard. been waiting for you! bfish thinks this blog should end. I disagree.

18th Oct 2007, 14:46

bfish says:

Danelia is the director
Leonov is the lead actor


18th Oct 2007, 14:59

hildegard says:

Slyozy Kapali.

18th Oct 2007, 15:01

bfish says:

:) bingo

18th Oct 2007, 15:06

Alfie says:

:D hehehe, this was a funny one. Now I must find the movie.

18th Oct 2007, 15:11

bfish says:

save your money. judging by the amount of factual mistakes in this NYT review the translation is just ugly.

19th Oct 2007, 07:15

swamprose says:

I think the reviewer is the problem. not the movie translation.

19th Oct 2007, 10:24

Alfie says:

Cmon Hildegard!!

20th Oct 2007, 18:24

Has it died?

22nd Oct 2007, 10:29

Alfie says:

Naaah, Hgard is likely just absent for some reason

22nd Oct 2007, 13:03

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