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Sony Ericsson S700i camera phone review

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18th Oct 2004, 23:37  


tempted says:

I love Fuss Ball - played loooooooads when I was in Slovakia, and think Ill end up playing loads more in January.

I'm still just too awestruck by the S700i's imaging. How much are they again?

25th Oct 2004, 12:31

mat says:

They're not available yet, but when they are, expect them to hit the market at around £350-400, on a contract.

'course, just leave it three months after release and they'll be down to fifty quid or so. :)

26th Oct 2004, 11:43

seaneeboy says:

JESUS! £400 on a contract?!?

What does it do? Give you winning lotto numbers?!

26th Oct 2004, 11:50

mat says:

It takes kick-ass pictures like you see above.. It has expandable memory, it plays mp3s, it plays video, it's got a radio, bluetooth, etc. etc. etc.

It's the best phone on the market bar none, IMHO. Nokia are really going to have to pull their fingers out to top this one.

New handsets always come onto the market priced high though, becuase there's always a certain number of people who will buy it whatever it costs - people like you and me will wait a few months until it's more reasonably priced and get one then.

Unless you're lucky enough to have scored one by writing an awesome website. Ahem. :)

26th Oct 2004, 11:59

seaneeboy says:

Swine ;)

Aah, well, I'm sure by the time orange get their acts together (Why does it take so long for new phones to come onto Orange? Are they spending all that time putting little orange logos on everything?!) it'll be dead cheap :D

26th Oct 2004, 12:00

mat says:

They do heavy testing and QC, according to everything I've heard. Basically, if you get a phone on Orange, it has passed all of their stringent quality checks and so on. Not sure whether they handsets ever get changed, or rejected as part of this QC, but hey.. Ours is not to reason why. :)

26th Oct 2004, 12:36

seaneeboy says:

That would make a certain sense - I've definately seen different software have to be used on orange phones (usually a 0.1 version higher than the software on the standard) and I think they change them quite frequently...

26th Oct 2004, 12:39

william says:

this will make me look good

1st Dec 2004, 15:14

Hi all... look at my foosbalblogging

2nd Jul 2006, 12:22

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