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the second rule of jump club is...

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1st Nov 2007, 09:59   | tags:,

goode says:

you won;t catch me jumping today.... I feel like i'd empty my stomach on landing! :( Blerghhh

1st Nov 2007, 10:04

JokerXL says:

Mad, mad MK'er.
Will you come and visit me when I'm lying in traction?
This is very "Morcombe & Wise" by the way.

1st Nov 2007, 10:44

taniwha says:

Jumping gives you a halo ... I could do with Instant Sainthood

1st Nov 2007, 10:49

I'm supplying a doctor's note and not taking part.

1st Nov 2007, 11:21

nige says:

no excuses allowed! this is an essential party for all moblogUK'rs!

*waiting for taniwhas halo...

1st Nov 2007, 11:24

Joe says:

I'm in...at least I will be when I get home to a camera that will actually capture a jump!

1st Nov 2007, 11:26

taniwha says:

okay ... give me a few days.

1st Nov 2007, 11:32

nige says:


1st Nov 2007, 11:44

eroika says:

Nice!! :-)

1st Nov 2007, 11:46

nige says:

hey, i'm just warming up.

1st Nov 2007, 12:10

winespy says:

jumping?! can someone please explain? looks like fun :)

1st Nov 2007, 13:02

Dhamaka says:

nice opener
Nige - explain to the lady...

1st Nov 2007, 13:30

Joe says:

winespy, it stems from a trend that Nige started a while ago, he posted a series of pics of himself in mid air, we all followed suit like the bandwagon jumping puppets we are :D

its fun, you should try it....be warned though, it can take several hundred goes to get a good one!

1st Nov 2007, 13:32

swamprose says:

nigel, maybe jump 2007 should be a shared blog. maybe we should tag this round of jumps with 2007 so it shows up as a new tag.

maybe the Moblog International Jump Committee has some new rules.

1st Nov 2007, 13:37

Dhamaka says:

the whole 540 family did it in one shot!

1st Nov 2007, 13:37

taniwha says:

A shared blog is fine by me ...

1st Nov 2007, 14:36

paintist says:

that looks more like you have been shot from a cannon......

1st Nov 2007, 14:42

nige says:

couldn't have said it better myself, Joe. listen to the man winespy - all you need to do is jump, take a picture of it, post it to moblog, and tag it with "jump".

swamprose, not sure about the shared blog. they never seem to work as well, but an additional tag might work. having said that, it's easy to distinguish between this year and last, so maybe we should just stick with "jump". not sure. what are your thoughts, fellow committee member?

1st Nov 2007, 14:44

swamprose says:

I'm not on the committee! nor are you! we'd have to disqualify ourselves, and we wouldn't want to do that.

maybe Nige can tell the diff between last year and this year, but others can't, and it will get harder as more jumps appear, so please use the' jump 2007' tag.

1st Nov 2007, 15:23

nige says:

probably a good idea to use "jump 2007" and "jump" so it adds to the pool. double tagging! it's the moblog version of double-teaming. take that how you will ; )

1st Nov 2007, 15:27

JokerXL says:

bloody bureaucrats.

1st Nov 2007, 16:11

that whole jump thing was last year?????? :O


1st Nov 2007, 16:12

factotum says:

Give me aa few days; I PROMISE to jump this year.

1st Nov 2007, 16:25

nige says:

joker's got the idea.

mscm, tempus fugit :)

ah, facto, i look forward to it...

1st Nov 2007, 16:51

winespy says:

thanks everyone :o)
a shared jump sounds like fun! (at least i wouldn't look completely ridiculous jumping on my own...)
who fancies a visit to Boston, Lincs.?
it's my boy's birthday this saturday - this would make it unforgettable for sure :D

1st Nov 2007, 16:58

nige says:

a few people in that neck of the woods i think. i'm going to try and organise a team jump before the end of jump month. good excuse for a meet up.

1st Nov 2007, 17:01

harimanjaro says:

Oh no, another month with a Van Halen song stuck in my head...

1st Nov 2007, 21:50

Spiderbaby says:

A whole year! That's scary. Right then. Been a bit busy lately but will stop messing about with work and get on with some serious jumping, soon, really soon.
Great shot!

1st Nov 2007, 23:50

factotum says:

There is a big puddle that I've got my eye on, not frozen over yet!

2nd Nov 2007, 00:18

nige says:

hari, spiderbaby, facto - i'll be waiting to see some air.

and try not to think of dave lee roth in spandex, hari...

2nd Nov 2007, 09:13

kyoob says:

ooh count me in, maybe me n jules can do a joint one!

2nd Nov 2007, 11:55

TabulaRasa says:

my word of the moment seems to be interesting, not sure what all this jumping is about but you all seem to be having fun.

2nd Nov 2007, 11:57

nige says:

damn right, kyoob.

TR, you need to be joining in with this one...

2nd Nov 2007, 12:20

TabulaRasa says:

maybe, and where do we post ? on our own blog or on a communnty one ?

2nd Nov 2007, 12:22

nige says:

post to your own blog, and tag the image with "jump" and "jump 2007". this way it will show up in the pool. now JUMP!

2nd Nov 2007, 12:46

oh no nige not more jumping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you imp ;-)

2nd Nov 2007, 12:49

nige says:

i am far from impish!

2nd Nov 2007, 15:53

kel says:

I missed out on this last time but i'm willing to jump on the bandwagon..

2nd Nov 2007, 17:05

nige says:

looking forward to it kel...

2nd Nov 2007, 18:45

Sprocket says:

*goes off to find his trampoline*

2nd Nov 2007, 22:31

nige says:

hehehe. looking forward to another sprocket launch.

2nd Nov 2007, 22:52

Viv says:

love the title :)

3rd Nov 2007, 09:39

Viv says:

and yes very M&W;!

3rd Nov 2007, 09:39

winespy says:

Carpe - you're right there! Heed my warning - stay away from the most boring place in the UK :o)
(yes, even the remotest part of Scotland has more going on)

3rd Nov 2007, 10:11

Kostika says:

shouldn't the tag be jump2007 without the space, like we did with the dailyme tag. makes it easier for searching I believe.

4th Nov 2007, 00:52

nige says:

thanks Viv.

Kos, really sorry, but i cannot accept your advice unless you jump...heheheh.

4th Nov 2007, 09:16

swamprose says:

okay maestro. there is the photo where you drop from some nutsy height and it looks like you can jump really high. am going to test it out with the pumpkins first.

4th Nov 2007, 13:03

nige says:

girlfriend, i wish i knew what you were talking about, but i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

4th Nov 2007, 14:21

jc1000000 says:

Dude, someone just hurled you thru the hallway!

6th Nov 2007, 00:40

swamprose says:

there are more rules, nige.

like no fair throwing your cat. cat jumps are okay aren't they?"no animals..." and vegetable jumps are okay.

6th Nov 2007, 01:20

itchymoblog says:

This is great! Now you've made me want to have a go. And it's going to have to be outside the house, too ... ;-D

6th Nov 2007, 14:52

chocolate says:

these are awsome nige!

9th Nov 2007, 15:04