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pain clinic

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This morning I got thrown out of the pain management clinic. I have no idea why - after five minutes talking, the consultant stood up, declared "I can't do this any more" and kicked me out of his office, slamming the door in my wake. I can be an absolute bastard sometimes, I know that. But I was being nice, not asking awkward questions, not expecting him to wave a wand and make it all better - everything a patient should be. Even worse, on top of all that, this particular consultant has a reputation for being "lovely" and "understanding".

To say I was rather upset is understating it. A nearby nurse apologised, looked over my file/notes, and lent me a TENS machine to be going on with. I like TENS, although the unit I have has rather loose voltage control knobs, so occasionally I've knocked them in my pocket and sent a rather painful shock into my spine. That's still better than not having it.
2nd Nov 2007, 12:25   | tags:

Strange Little Girl says:

sorry to hear this Mat.

2nd Nov 2007, 12:29

taniwha says:

That sounds absolutely dreadful. Will there be any follow up on this?

2nd Nov 2007, 12:30

TabulaRasa says:

Rather unfortunate i imagine.

2nd Nov 2007, 12:39

hildegard says:

Good christ. Complain. Loud & long. If Diddums has burnt out, that's Diddums' problem & Diddums has no business taking it out on you. Also the majority of his patients won't have your skills in the art of complaint - score one for the team, eh?

Rather surprised you haven't tried the "physio in Norwich" approach here - if patients are meant to be exercising their ridiculous, notional "choice", this might be useful information to associate with a name.

2nd Nov 2007, 12:47

mat says:

Complaining in the NHS is more trouble than it's worth. Last time I tried (physio who wanted to start treatment before I'd even explained symptoms and/or causes), his response to my complaint was to utterly deny everything I said, and call me a liar. I didn't take it further, like I won't this time, because I'm not physically capable of handling the stress.

The nurse practitioner I saw - despite her having other appointments, she made time for me - was very knowledgeable and understanding. I shall be perfectly happy to deal with her if Dr Valentine doesn't want to talk to me, which he clearly doesn't. I generally find non-consultants to be nicer, and more helpful, than consultants anyway.

2nd Nov 2007, 12:59

Steve says:

Was it a I can't do this anymore, I'm off to be a painter kind of statement?

2nd Nov 2007, 13:02

mat says:

The impression I got was it was something I'd done. Although I have absolutely no idea what that could have been. As I said, I can be brutal, downright evil when I want to be, but I wasn't in this case - hell, I was going to the guy asking for help, I wouldn't make a confrontation of it.

2nd Nov 2007, 13:08

Twiglet says:

Perhaps he has problems and made the mistake of taking them to work with him. That is not a justification for taking it out on you so we must hope that they are nasty problems like itchy piles, erection failure, crabs, incontinence....etc

2nd Nov 2007, 13:10

Steve says:

Maybe it wasn't you then and he has gone out and killed everyone at the post office?

2nd Nov 2007, 13:10

Strange Little Girl says:

must admit I find non consultant staff to be more helful and kind. Though I did have one consultant who was incredible kind and considerate.

2nd Nov 2007, 13:12

afternoon says:

Sorry to hear that man, that's harsh and seemingly quite random.

Obviously don't know more than you've said, but on the face of it I agree with Twiglet. It might be totally unrelated to you.

I would add that there are some problems that are hard to leave at home, girlfriend splits, family deaths etc.

2nd Nov 2007, 13:37

swamprose says:

Dr Valentine needs a new name. maybe a new career. at least some time off.

your adventures in the medical system continue to amaze.

2nd Nov 2007, 14:02

OJ says:

That's awful. I'll swallow the unfunny joke about the stress management clinic.

Are you sure you can't complain? It sounds like the nurse witnessed it so you wouldn't be totally without corroboration. If Dr Valentine is losing it, you'd be doing him and everyone else a favour.

2nd Nov 2007, 14:20

Alfie says:

aside from anything else, I'm just sorry that you have the stress of this upon your already existing stress. I know you, as "evil" as you think you can be, no matter what the reason (aside from verbally or physical assault), a medical practitioner should never behave in that way - aside perhaps from Dr House, MD.

2nd Nov 2007, 14:42

billion says:

OJ said:

"If Dr Valentine is losing it, you'd be doing him and everyone else a favour"

totally true. clearly the quack has cracked. the medic needs medicine.

2nd Nov 2007, 14:53

anonymous says:

Sounds to me like this Doctor has gone right off the deep end, and took it out on you Mat. I'm with OJ on this - the nurse witnessed this completely inappropriate behavior. If you are just not physically up for making a complaint yourself, perhaps the system has some sort of patient ombudsman or advocate that could help you do it?

2nd Nov 2007, 15:14

silar31 says:

Oy..sorry, above comment was me, forgot I was logged out.

2nd Nov 2007, 15:15

mat says:

Ah, nurse didn't witness anything, I was sent to her after leaving his office, where it was just us. She was almost as shocked as me, to be honest.

It's really not worth complaining. Too much trouble, especially when it's basically just my word against his. As I said, last time I complained it was just more stress, hassle and general nastiness for me, only for the whole lot to be basically thrown out without a second thought when the target of the complaint said I was lying. Which I wasn't.

2nd Nov 2007, 16:07

Carpe says:

Sounds really crappy Mat, sorry. Agree with many of the others though and very much doubt it was yourself. Sounds like the doctors fuse was already burning.
As for the complaint I was called a liar too after attempting to make a complaint about a breach of confidentiality by a GP and was also thorwn out of the practice for making the allegation.
Not that I would have wanted to stay!
Chalk it off and find yourself a human to help out.
Best of luck

2nd Nov 2007, 17:21

Joe says:

This is just insane, I've been reading this with my jaw on the floor.

I just don't get it. Essentially he has broken both procedure and the oath he took when he became a doctor. If I was you, I'd approach the practice (rather than the NHS) from the "I just want to know why" angle, rather than complaining, at least then you may get an explanation.

This is just mental, I still can't get over it...I've been close to NHS workers for all of my adult life (including consultants and surgeons) and I have never heard of anything like this.

Even if you were being evil (which I find difficult to believe) you deserve, nay, have the right to know what it was that caused the reaction.

2nd Nov 2007, 17:34

goode says:

You deserve, and have the right to the treatment also...

+ what Joe said, I'm a big hater of being in trouble without knowing what I've done!

2nd Nov 2007, 17:47

MaggieD says:

Sorry to hear this, can well understand how upsetting it must have been, I think it is probably worth writing a letter of concern, not an official complaint ('cos all the extra hassle and stress that would entail for you) .... I just hope the TENS machine will help in the interim ..... are you still seeing Jo Murphy at Physiotherapy Norwich?....

2nd Nov 2007, 18:01

Jane Doe says:

that sucks.
I hope Jo Murphy at Physiotherapy Norwich continues in her good work.

2nd Nov 2007, 20:14

Alfie says:

I hear Jo Murphy at Physiotherapy Norwich is really great actually


2nd Nov 2007, 20:21

Dhamaka says:

I'm with OJ, Silar and co

Wish I could do more than send my best

3rd Nov 2007, 01:05

CrazyB(bex-at-colourfuldesigns-dot-com) says:

I'm disgusted, but not surprised.

A note about TENS, if you are still using one with dodgy knobs. Lloyds Pharmacy's were doing TENS machines for £10 or some such small amount, don't know if they are any good.

I bought mine from Boots 2yrs back (£40), which works well.

I'm still on the waiting list for the "pain clinic" and acupuncture, it's like waiting a life time! You finally get there and it sounds like they weren't even helpful!

7th Nov 2007, 23:32