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new glasses - at last!

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So, my new glasses are finally here. Well, the day-to-day ones, Vision Express neglected to tell me that the curved lenses on my sunglasses would produce the kind of visual distortions one normally has to pay good money for. Fun, but not exactly suitable for driving. After a brief discussion on how one's staff really ought to know what they're selling, the manager agreed they should remake the sunglasses in a flatter frame. Which means they are slightly more dull than I was hoping for, but at least I will be able to see, in a few weeks when they're made up.

The oakleys, however, are awesome. Really, really good. Almost worth the three-month wait.

Just for the record, since my original order was paid for on the 8th of august, I've had three pairs of Oakleys and four pairs of sunglasses (special order 'cos of blue mirror coating) made up to various presciptions. On top of that, I got a 50% "cock up" refund on the whole order. I dread to think how much money I've cost Vision Express (or rather, how much money they've cost themselves).
7th Nov 2007, 10:30   | tags:

hildegard says:

What, they work & everything?
In which case, hurrah!

7th Nov 2007, 10:40

parabolichobo says:

the company who used to have the contract to provide optical care at work (note: used to) once tried to sell me some varifocals in a frame that was at most 1.5 cm from top to bottom, which meant I had a field of around 2mm at the bottom through which I could read, and a similar field at the top for distance. The rest was a bit blurred, but apart from that they were fine.

7th Nov 2007, 11:12

mat says:

It just staggers me that people who sell things - especially stuff like glasses, where the same principles apply to every line in the shop - don't know about them. My limited experience of retail, I made an effort to understand as much as I could about everything I was selling, so I could sell it better, and make sure customers went home with just what they wanted/needed, with no nasty surprises. If I didn't know something, I told the customer that and then found out for them. This behavior was encouraged, nay - required, by the management.

7th Nov 2007, 11:28

swamprose says:

these are really nice glasses. I wear prescription glasses to see far away. my day to day ones used to be clear, but I lost them in the woods. now I have red ones. my sunglasses are curved oakleys, which I love. I can wear them as goggles when I go skiing.

you'll love yours. vision express got what was coming to them.

7th Nov 2007, 12:10

Dhamaka says:

these look lovely
and .. finally.. wtg!

7th Nov 2007, 12:38

540air says:

They look cool, very impressive :)

7th Nov 2007, 16:45

Mandy. says:

do you get to keep all those other glasses?

7th Nov 2007, 18:25

silar31 says:

Those are hawt, ok? Just sayin'.

8th Nov 2007, 03:45

FilbertFox says:

my annual glasses sage will begin on sunday. I can no longer have prescription sunglasses because they are too complex.

They do look mighty fine

14th Dec 2007, 09:48

Amy says:

I don't like them :(

19th Jun 2008, 17:28