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We've been burgled - took the telly, some cash and messed up the house. Could have been worse but it doesn't stop it being shite.
12th Nov 2007, 17:53   | tags:,,

Alfie says:

oh dude, that sucks asses, so sorry to hear :(

12th Nov 2007, 17:55

oh sean so sorry to hear this :(

12th Nov 2007, 17:56

Twiglet says:

Oh Seanee...Bad luck xxx

12th Nov 2007, 17:59

beth says:

:( ugh. sorry

12th Nov 2007, 20:13

rhys says:

Sorry to hear this. Utter bastards! Beat them with a large stick if you catch 'em.

I use this site for all electronic items etc. It's a good idea, and although it doesn't reduce the chance of those f**kers doing what they do, if the police get the stuff they can check against this data base.

12th Nov 2007, 20:15

nige says:

jeez man. that is feckin horrible.

12th Nov 2007, 20:39

chris says:

Gutted for you dude. So sorry. If you need that pint, let me know..

12th Nov 2007, 21:43

bad news man, much sympathy

12th Nov 2007, 21:49

Steve says:

That is just plain shitty.

12th Nov 2007, 22:22

Viv says:

oh so sorry

13th Nov 2007, 00:11

mandy nli says:

how disconcerting and terrible. I hope things start feeling safe again soon.

13th Nov 2007, 04:04

seaneeboy says:

Thank you all - we were fairly lucky in that they didn't take anything of too much sentimental value, just the easily-hawkable telly/laptop/iPod combo...

But yes, place is tidied up today, I have a bit of DIY to do on the back and things will be back to normal.ish. Just without much technology in the house.

13th Nov 2007, 09:05

anonymous says:

shitty shit bums

13th Nov 2007, 09:37

winespy says:

really sorry. wucking fankers

13th Nov 2007, 11:42

seaneeboy says:

Thanks guys - still, all cleaned up and moving on now.

13th Nov 2007, 11:44

Jane Doe says:

so sorry to hear this

13th Nov 2007, 13:28

teflon says:


(Also, this is the sort of thing that should be a prompt for me to do an inventory of all my expensive stuff, for insurance purposes.)

13th Nov 2007, 18:20

MaggieD says:

Sorry to hear this .... :(

13th Nov 2007, 18:40

spongevid says:

bleedin 'eck! that is terrible! :-(

at least though, you didn't have your house broken into then set on fire! this infact happened to some acquaintances at uni here on Halloween! mental!!

14th Nov 2007, 00:47

Dhamaka NLI says:

I'm so sorry guys

14th Nov 2007, 07:26

seaneeboy says:

thanks guys - HD they'll never catch 'em but the police seemed genuinely sorry about it all.

Svid - ah yes, every cloud and all that!

Tef - get a UV Pen to write on all your stuff too... I think you can get them free from the police.

14th Nov 2007, 10:06

so sorry fella. that stinks

14th Nov 2007, 22:38

kel says:

Sorry to hear that. Like you say, it could be worse, but it always gives you a bit of a nasty feeling to think of someone going through your things.

15th Nov 2007, 16:10

goode says:

just read about this now! :( sad times...

Thieves must die

2nd Dec 2007, 16:17

Helen says:

Ah, but we all must die one day...

Sean, how horrible! It must have been quite a shock. Hope you're both ok now x

2nd Dec 2007, 17:44