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this keeps happening

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ffs. bloody mac os. this is a fresh-last-month install with barely any software installed (firefox, vlc, mplayer, skype, cyberduck, Epson printer driver - that is all), yet it crashes with depressing regularity.

Oh well, at least it's not Windows. Although windows would be less likely to screw up my usb disks by creating like ten tiny, useless partitions (including a boot one) every time I try to format them.
13th Nov 2007, 13:38   | tags:,

Steve says:

That's not right :( I have not had one of those in ages. what does the log say?

13th Nov 2007, 13:51

mat says:

Nothing useful. No idea why it keeps happening. I just want to run linux on this machine, it's so much faster/reliable, but I'm trapped by the need for Skype. Gah!

OSX's massive stupidness when it comes to external flash drives is right fucking me off too. Disk utility can't even see my drive half the time, and the other half of the time it formats it really stupidly. I'm actually putting SD cards into my Nikon and using it's format facility now. Which is ridiculous.

13th Nov 2007, 13:55

Steve says:

I've never had any problems with external drives... I wonder what is going on.

Have you tried the basics? running cron scripts and fixing permissions?

May I recommend Cocktail for the above it's a very neat utility.

13th Nov 2007, 14:05

mat says:

I think the crashing is unrelated to the external drive thing. The drive problem is that it either won't see the drive at all, or when it does, it won't format it sanely. By sane, I mean a single partition using the filesystem I asked for, not five or more partitions of seemingly random filesystems, one of which is a boot partition full of crap.

13th Nov 2007, 14:20

Steve says:

Never come across that, disk utility has always worked fine for me, I wish that it could re-partition on the fly but there are other programs that do that.

Sounds like a proper big fault and way beyond my sphere of MAC knowledge.

13th Nov 2007, 14:26

Electric Sheep says:

I've only experienced one Kernel panic ever in 3 years and that was because of a dell monitor.

Mat, perhaps your iBook is suffering from the age old logic board failure which was quite infamous.

13th Nov 2007, 14:31

mat says:

Doesn't show any signs consistent with the known logic board problem... it doesn't crash a lot, by windows standards, but it crashes more than I think it should..

13th Nov 2007, 14:54

Steve says:

My experience is more in keeping with sheeps, I think that there is a problem.

13th Nov 2007, 14:55

Alfie says:

"...trapped by the need for Skype..."

Seriously, it's worth getting one of these, they're incredibly cheap, powerful and useful:

3 skype phone

£49.99 and then free skype calls forever, although I think there might be a top up minimum or summat.

13th Nov 2007, 16:04

mat says:

It's really not worth it, considering that handset is on a tenner a month minimum. Cost of handset, plus six months - I could have bought a new laptop, which is considerably more useful than a phone that does one thing, one thing I don't even do very much. I also don't have fifty quid to spare, let alone a tenner a month for the next however long.

If more people used an Open VoIP system, like Ekiga, this problem would go away. It's not like Skype doesn't suck or anything, it's just what lots of people use.

13th Nov 2007, 16:19

Steve says:

Wrong flavour of Skype?

13th Nov 2007, 16:34

mat says:

Ah. Good thought, but not quite. This machine, being Mac hardware, needs a PowerPC build of Skype-for-Linux. Which skype don't provide. If Skype were a proper Open Source project, I could just compile my own, but it's not, so I can't. Bastards.

13th Nov 2007, 16:37

Steve says:

Ah, cock it.

13th Nov 2007, 16:50

Salome says:

It's really old and its hardware all died once already. I'm sorry. I did tell you it was pretty tired.

what OS are you trying to run on it? Anything newer than panther might tire it out a lot.

20th Nov 2007, 18:38

Sir Findo Gask says:

If you don't want to buy a Skype mobile and you *really* need Skype have you tried
I run it on my XDA

14th Dec 2007, 20:21