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My poor old PowerBook died on me... so now I have to put up with this

Oh, it smells so, so, very, very good.
16th Nov 2007, 10:15  

WhoseShoes says:


16th Nov 2007, 10:26

paintist says:


16th Nov 2007, 10:55

anonymous says:

touchy touchy

16th Nov 2007, 14:28

Viv says:

and the £100 extra was paid......! :)

16th Nov 2007, 17:19

Helen says:


16th Nov 2007, 18:15

it's no PC though...

16th Nov 2007, 21:32

Helen says:

Seriously thin ice.

16th Nov 2007, 21:37

Steve says:

Wow! it looks perfect.

16th Nov 2007, 22:21

Helen says:

It is. No scratches, no dead pixels. Ordered yesterday at 2.15pm on apple.com/ukstore and delivered at 8.50am this morning.

16th Nov 2007, 22:23

seaneeboy says:


Insurance money isn't going to give me enough to justify getting one sadly, so my mac envy will have to continue...

16th Nov 2007, 22:49

Helen says:

I have no justification. I'm all wiped out.

But it feels so very good. I love typing on it.

16th Nov 2007, 22:52

Viv says:


16th Nov 2007, 23:58

swamprose says:

the part where you said it smells good. yes. wish they bottled that.

am insanely jealous. saving saving saving. drive carefully.

17th Nov 2007, 15:45

Helen says:

I'd definitely buy Apple perfume.

17th Nov 2007, 15:52

Steve says:


17th Nov 2007, 23:19

Helen says:


18th Nov 2007, 15:56

Steve says:

Who me?..... well maybe.

18th Nov 2007, 17:11

swamprose says:

steve, we acknowledge your greatness and stand in line behind you for our apple nerd fragrance.

18th Nov 2007, 23:24

gill1109 says:

"the part where you said it smells good. yes. wish they bottled that". They did. It's called a MacBook (I have one too, a silvery one, but I am lusting after black too, now...)

I have my silver one a year now and I still love typing on it and it still loves me too, just as much as the first day. [and it still smells good, too]. But it has lots of scratches and dents and even a few oil smudges on the screen. But I love this too. Like a woman with some real scars, actually much more beautiful than one "fresh out of the factory". You can see she has lived.

1st Dec 2007, 11:22

ktricho says:

creative shoot !

27th Dec 2007, 14:19

mattm says:


Protect your mac;

They are well worth it!

1st Jan 2008, 06:09