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Shiny shiny law school

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16th Nov 2007, 10:15  

WhoseShoes says:

oooooh very shiny

16th Nov 2007, 10:26

paintist says:

more shiny.....is good :-)

16th Nov 2007, 10:56

seaneeboy says:

It is a nice building - hope it's going well for you!

I do only work around the corner, we should do post-worky/learny drinkies sometime.

17th Nov 2007, 15:27

Helen says:

Definitely. Tuesdays are usually good, I finish at 5.15pm those days and have Wednesday as a study day... so no need to head straight home to put my head back in a book. I have decent lunch breaks too. And Beth's just on Wellington St.

17th Nov 2007, 15:32

Jane Doe says:

*waves* to Helen - is 5.15 an EARLY finish?!

18th Nov 2007, 15:04

Helen says:

It's the latest finish : )

But I don't get to stop working.

18th Nov 2007, 16:15

MaggieD says:

Hoping that it is all going well so far ... lovely shiny building .... lovely blue sky too ....

18th Nov 2007, 17:12

Helen says:

It's all rather intense, but I think I'm doing fine.

Today I haven't done any reading or work. It feels good. But I did get up at 9am to do work yesterday, which I never did as a student the first time round.

My brain is in shock.

18th Nov 2007, 17:27

MaggieD says:

I did my MA very late in life, and I must say it was a real shock to the system ...... good to hear you are having a day off :)

18th Nov 2007, 17:34

Jane Doe says:

Delighted you're having a proper day off. Glad you're taking it all in your stride (never doubted it for a second)

18th Nov 2007, 17:35

Helen says:

I expect severe panic to set in shortly after Christmas.

18th Nov 2007, 17:41

hildegard says:

Nah, panic after the exams - you save valuable cognitive resources that way...
Glad to hear it's not over-facing you; conversion courses are law Sachetorte - fun, but insanely dense & rich. What flavour options have you chosen?

18th Nov 2007, 18:44

Helen says:

No options this year -- we cover Land, Tort, Equity, EU, Constitutional, Criminal and Contract Law.

Next year I'll be focusing on Family and Probate Law. I want to keep away from the Corporate stuff.

It's hard work, but I'm a lot, lot happier studying hard than festering in the Civil Service.

18th Nov 2007, 23:00

swamprose says:

you are going to be running the UK legal system in a few years. I have no doubts. you have the righ colour hair. and brains.

do you have a holiday in the spring so I can get you and beth over here?

18th Nov 2007, 23:18

Steve says:

You made the right choice.

Tort? you get to study cake?

18th Nov 2007, 23:19

swamprose says:

king of doble entendres.
my patience with the blog is growing slim.
I might just break out and go crazy.
all your fault.

18th Nov 2007, 23:22

Helen says:

There may be some holiday after the exams, but I spent all my savings this week on fees and the MacBook. I should get a summer job/placement.

I would, of course, love to get to Canada and I will one day.

If only Steve, if only.

18th Nov 2007, 23:26

swamprose says:

I have this insane need to get you and beth here. at the same time.

I inherited Air Canada points that could do it. of courseyou might have to travel as cargp. but hell, you're from Yorkshire.

it's just a personal plot. can I just mention that I think canadian men are in need of you? unfortunaltely, mostly insane bass players.

hi steve.

18th Nov 2007, 23:39

Steve says:


18th Nov 2007, 23:46

swamprose says:

why steve, hello there. always so pleased to see you.

18th Nov 2007, 23:50

Helen says:

Hmmm, do I need insane bass players?

18th Nov 2007, 23:57

swamprose says:


insane canadian bass players. they can usually do more than play the bass.

thinks, hey, can I find the ultimate guy and have a dawson in canada. hey facto. get a move on. helen might be here by spring. do you think tgifgf might work?

18th Nov 2007, 23:58

Helen says:

Hey, unfortunately for Mr ultimate Canadian bass player guy, I'm not available.

: )

There are Dawsons already in Canada, well ex-Dawsons. My aunt was a Dawson and she lives somewhere in Ontario state.

21st Nov 2007, 21:59

gill1109 says:

Great, a new lawyer in the making! And one who takes nice pictures can't be all bad.

Seriously though, I have been making an intensive study of law (esp. the Dutch variety) over the last year. I can tell you that it is much much harder than quantum physics. Good luck!

1st Dec 2007, 13:14

JokerXL says:

"Transparent" Law there then?

4th Jan 2008, 20:54