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jump club - the final day: walk on by

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that was one hell of a month. well done, one and all. it has been an adventure.

i'll be taking the road less travelled - public footpaths - until i recover, aye.
30th Nov 2007, 17:15   | tags:,

hype says:

winner. next month is 'Bed Month'. rest is overdue.

nice pic man.

30th Nov 2007, 17:24

nige says:

should i thank you online, or just lean over my desk?

it was tails: online thanks ; )

30th Nov 2007, 17:26

nige says:

i like many channels of communication. heh. you'e quite right about the face, and i would not take offence to your tone... ; )

30th Nov 2007, 17:34

Dhamaka says:

cool image
nice ending

30th Nov 2007, 17:35

nige says:


30th Nov 2007, 17:46

MaggieD says:

Wow, now that is some jump to end on, and I have to assume it is not a fake ;) ..... well if nothing else Jump Month has given me a whole lot of material for my cartoons ..... Thanks Nige, you're the best (and you do deserve at least some of the Jaffa Cakes) .....

30th Nov 2007, 17:55

nige says:

thanks maggie. indeed i do deserve them (but not as many as your cartoon suggests). :)

30th Nov 2007, 18:22

mara says:

Great one and it has been an amusing, wonderful series

30th Nov 2007, 18:56

MaggieD says:


30th Nov 2007, 19:02

Toddy says:

Love it Nige, great work as usual

30th Nov 2007, 19:03

nige says:

mara, toddy - thanks. i'm glad to see the end of jump month...for now.

30th Nov 2007, 19:06

taniwha says:

good one NIge. And hooray for us for getting with it.

30th Nov 2007, 19:22

nige says:


30th Nov 2007, 19:25

factotum says:

I'm glad that November is jump month. It cold and damp, and I for one needed something to enliven it. Thanks, Nige!

30th Nov 2007, 19:31

JokerXL says:

Good hight!
Can December be "Lie down and relax month"?

30th Nov 2007, 19:56

winespy says:

yay! well done :)

(i'll start practising for next year, promise, x)

30th Nov 2007, 20:32

Kostika says:

A very good month of pictures from you and all the rest. Well done you maniac.

30th Nov 2007, 22:43

nige says:

thanks y'all!

facto, glad to have cheered up a dreary month. i know the november feeling all too well.

winespy, kos - i expect hardcore training and decent showings from you both next year!

30th Nov 2007, 22:58

Caine says:

Fantabulous! The colours are pure Nige. :D

1st Dec 2007, 00:27

nige says:

thanks caine-o. we missed you this year.

1st Dec 2007, 00:28

Caine says:

I know, Nige and I'm sorry. My neurologist said absolutely not, so Rick did extra effort jumps. :)

1st Dec 2007, 01:22

nige says:

no apologies necessary. i'll let you off ; )

1st Dec 2007, 08:25

itchymoblog says:

This is awesome! Thanks for providing so much entertainment. Will you still jump occasionally?

1st Dec 2007, 20:13

nige says:

nice one boet, and itchy - i might jump every now and again...

3rd Dec 2007, 08:42

wraith2 says:

this jump session must have been the cause of the earthquake we had last thursday and the aftershocks that followed. lol

5th Dec 2007, 23:52

Viv says:

well done you

21st Dec 2007, 00:55