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Got some work done today, but also got to watch some things from
Netflix. We saw Hard Candy and started watching season 1 of Dexter.

December 8th, 2007, in my time zone.
9th Dec 2007, 07:56   | tags:,,


billion says:

hard candy?

what d'you think of it? I saw it a couple weeks ago...

10th Dec 2007, 10:39

Tori says:

I thought Patrick Wilson gave a good, and brave, performance and Ellen Page gave an absolutely stunning one. I'll be watching more movies with her in it just to see what else she can do.

It is difficult to say much else without posting spoilers.

The movie itself I enjoyed, but did not love. Did you watch the extra features? I did not think the film was anywhere near as controversial as they seemed to think it was. Unfortunately I thought the beginning of the movie was much better than the middle and the end, and whenever something goes that direction, it is always less satisfying. When it improves as it goes along it is easier to forget. I thought the cinematography was very good.

10th Dec 2007, 17:31

Dhamaka says:


10th Dec 2007, 17:31

billion says:

you know, I haven't seen either of those actors before but yes I agree they did a very good job although the girl's act did start to grate after a while.

I'm with you on the story as well. I remember being *absolutely gripped* for the first forty minutes or so, like this was something completely fresh and exciting - but then it started to fall apart. I thought the girl finding the photographs was the highest point of the movie, but the remainder of the movie had nothing left to say so it relied on cheap repetition and the increasingly redundant sub-plot of the missing girl to sustain it til the end. that really watered down the initial messages/questions raised in the first half.

have you seen michael haneke's "funy games"? the director of hard candy owes a lot to that movie!

10th Dec 2007, 17:52

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