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Join us in the countdown to Christmas. Sorry no chocolate!
But we can give you a new post each day, from 25 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the season.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

May 2015 be a good year for our small community and the wider world!

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The War On Christmas

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In past centuries, Christmas-related controversy was mainly restricted to concerns of a public focus on secular Christmas themes such as Santa Claus and gift giving rather than what was glorified as the "reason for the season" the birth of Jesus (even though jesus wasn't actually born on december 25th)

A symbolic issue from these past controversies was usage of the term "Xmas", which many allege is a conscious attempt at removing the term "Christ" from Christmas due to different religious beliefs and causing offense to said different religions.. now this may be debated, it may be due to the above, it may come from the greek language (which is more than likely) etc etc

I just want to set straight.. for me its CHRISTMAS

Christmas traditions have a way of feeling timeless -- you may see the same decorations, sung the same songs and eaten the same foods for your whole life, year in year out, old people falling asleep to the queens speech, eating too much and slobbing on the sofa slowly getting drunk, your mum pursueding you to join in the 'family' games.

Christmas for me is a Time of Love, a time of Giving, receiving, love, friendship, good times. A Time of being with those who mean the most to you. Personally I would swap all of the gifts, rich foods, overpriced festive glitter and the following trauma, and all of the hallmark/corporate driven slagged out x-mas bull sh*t just to spend time with those people who mean so much to me, past and present.

Don't Forget that, Appreciate the people your with, the friends you have, the loved ones so close.

It's a lovely midwinter celebration, whichever faith you may be, but from my heart, happy Christmas moblog

posted by Spike
11th Dec 2007, 07:47   | tags:

Dhamaka says:

beautiful sentiments well expressed

11th Dec 2007, 08:29

nige says:

cracking image too. this calendar is turning out so great. nice one mr. spike

11th Dec 2007, 08:43

anonymous says:

no worries, would it be possible to delete the previous post, somehow i managed to post twice.

and thankyou

and a side note, im not a bah humbug, i love christmas!

11th Dec 2007, 09:02

Spike says:

yeah.. taht was me!

11th Dec 2007, 09:03

hildegard says:

I was taught X as a standard academic abbreviation for "Christ". Trying to keep up with a lecture, "Xmas", "Xianity", etc, are so much quicker... As you say, it's from Greek, like many of the symbols used in such shorthand.
Worth a mention is that the "chi-rho" symbol - a combination of two greek letters, one x-shaped - is among the very oldest christian symbols & denotes both the crucifixion & the identity of Jesus as the Christ. Hope that cheers you up a bit about "xmas"...

11th Dec 2007, 09:07

Spike says:

ah yes, ive come across the chi-rho before, had no idea where mind

11th Dec 2007, 09:11

jc1000000 says:

Wicked a totally original post and take on the advent calendar thing. Love it. Merry Christmas Spike!

11th Dec 2007, 10:39

Spike says:

merry christmas to you too dude

11th Dec 2007, 10:40

jc1000000 says:

Was thinking it's kinda ironic that a gun pointed at santa is probably not a rare thing, even if it is just a replica toy gun.

It is a shame how the original values of christmas get so underplayed in the developed west, in it's attempt to be all inclusive. Corporate christmas cards this year have been so totally lame. We got one from Google that simply said 'best wishes for 2008' in loads of different languages, with no mention of christmas whatsoever. That's just so lame.

The idea that people will get offended by other culture's celebrations is over sensitive and restrictive. The whole point of any cultural celebrations is to be magnanimous as a people and extend warmth and welcome to all and sundry. No one goes around saying, hey, you're not of this faith, you have no right to party. I love the fact that i celebrate vesak, as much as i celebrate christmas. I love it when you can't buy anything in tooting cos it's Eid. That's the whole point if you ask me! Little anomalies to shake up your sense of routine.

11th Dec 2007, 11:01

Spike says:

well, you have to fight for your right to party!

i have quite a few friends of different religions and non seems offended by christmas, whatsoever, its a strange one!

luckily both chaps in this photo are close friends of mine,

no santas were harmed in the taking of this picture!

11th Dec 2007, 11:04

beth says:

love the image and agree with your sentiments!

11th Dec 2007, 13:26

OJ says:

Somewhat unfashionably, I quite like the X as I'm not much of a fan of Christ - or any religion. I'm an equal-opportunities atheist.

JC, I'm not sure I agree with this:

"The idea that people will get offended by other culture's celebrations is over sensitive and restrictive."

I don't think there is some PC-lefty-conspiracy out there to be over-sensitive to religion. I simply think the prevailing culture in this country has become secular.

You do seem to be repeating a myth that's being propogated at the moment though. I was very depressed yesterday morning to hear Trevor Phillips construct an obvious straw man on the Today programme - somehow throwing the blame for inter-cultural tensions onto that pesky PC brigade. He actually used the Daily Mail phrase PC brigade. Trevor Phillips article linky

Heaven (I'm being tongue in cheek) forfend that we should link what inter-racial tensions there are in this country with actual wars elsewhere. No, it must be the fault of the loony lefty primary school headteachers who are banning nativity plays. Excet that they're not.

I'm getting ranty. Spike I love your picture and I totally agree with you about Xmas being about the ones you love. It doesn't have to be an either/or between Christ and commerce though, it's pretty easy to reject both. And I'm really suspicious of the agenda of those voices who are trying to claim that there is a war on Christmas.

11th Dec 2007, 15:19

Alfie says:

Christmas = Presents For Alfie Time.

Nuff said


11th Dec 2007, 15:29

jc1000000 says:

OJ it might be the case that the prevailing culture is secular, but the fact is that the national religion is Christianity. I didn't say that there is some loony lefty conspiracy and i certainly don't think that they are to blame to intercultural tensions!

My opinion is simply that religious holidays are an opportunity to participate in another belief, story and heritage and discover or re-learn the values other people hold dear (like this post demonstrates). That is an opportunity not worth missing, whatever you believe in. And should atheists give themselves a national day to celebrate - i'll go to that party too!

11th Dec 2007, 16:35

OJ says:

Hiya JC - sorry Trevor Phillips was saying that yesterday, not you. But the idea that anyone is trying to restrict the celebration of Christianity out of misplaced PCness is part of that campaign. You seem to be buying into that. Who's stopping anyone from celebrating Christmas? No one.

You do also say that saying "Season's Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas" is lame. Well not if you think the latter is a bit like saying "May the imaginary flower fairies be with you." I'd feel equally silly and insincere saying either.

And I thought shopping was the national religion....

11th Dec 2007, 17:17

Alfie says:

I know your having a discussion and everything, but still...


11th Dec 2007, 19:10

MaggieD says:

Spike, agree absolutely with your sentiments, this time is about being with those you love .... but given my experience, I do have the gun image a bit disturbing .....

11th Dec 2007, 20:45

OJ says:

So are you looking forward to presents then Alfie? I like presents- it makes me chuckle when I think of something sweet someone didn't know they wanted. It has to be a surprise. MaggieD, what experience? That sounds ominous.

11th Dec 2007, 23:44

Alfie says:

Totally OJ, I love that feeling of seeing something that you *know* someone you love is going to go gaga over, plus, of course - getting presents. It's highly unlikely Ill really receive any till the end of Jan as Im away till the 10th. Ah well.

12th Dec 2007, 10:40

540air says:

Pretty much my feelings about Christmas summed up there. Nice one Spike, and a Happy Christmas to you too :)

PS - Would someone please get Alfie some presents, I don't think his excitement will contain itself til the end of Jan!! ;)

12th Dec 2007, 11:11

taniwha says:

Nice one Spike and thought provoking post. When it comes to Christmas, I construct my own celebration taking bits from here and there. Generally, nothing is foisted on me. Christmas, like religion is a personal experience.

12th Dec 2007, 15:32

SLG NLI says:

My Fav :-)

16th Dec 2007, 23:32