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A blog for owners of Apple Macintosh's to share their love of the computer and all things Apple.. including iPods.

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The New iPod Photo

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Quite possibly too awesome for mankind.

posted by DUKES

28th Oct 2004, 08:24  


BadJon2 says:

But have you got any non blurry pics?

28th Oct 2004, 09:15

mat says:

You have one already?

I hate you*

* not really. I'm just jealous. : )

28th Oct 2004, 09:24

Joe says:

I came within microseconds of ordering one yesterday, then slapped myself, I don't think Shoes would appreciate me spending our hooneymoon money on technology.

28th Oct 2004, 09:39

seaneeboy says:

*Weeps at the beauty*

28th Oct 2004, 09:46

crickson says:

Kadamontaga, i promise you, if you buy one you will never regret it.

28th Oct 2004, 10:27

Joe says:

I have 3000 songs (thats about 4 days of non stop music) on my ipod, that 's the lions share of my music collection, imagine being able to carry every CD you own, with you everwhere you go. that alone is worth 200 quid in my opinion, let alone that fact that it is also a 20 gig external hard drive, my alarm clock, calendar and a dictaphone.
the whole "rating" of tracks thing is just genius as far as I'm concerned, I hear a new song, I rate it out of 5 stars, then at any point I can set up a playlist saying "play me all of my tracks rated 4 stars or above from the punk genre" brilliant.
I honestly believe they're the coolest thing you can buy for 250 quid...well legally anyway :)

28th Oct 2004, 10:36

Shoes says:

Thank crikey you controlled yourself Joe... although it is gorgeous.....hmmm that gives me an idea....

28th Oct 2004, 10:36

Joe says:

there isn't thats the thing, sony recently released an "ipod competitor" which is utter rubbush, as it has 512meg of storage, puny compared to 20gig, or 40gig, or even 60gig in the new colour ipod shown above....ipods (like all apple stuff) are expensive, but ridiculously functional, and off the cool scale...i'm a gadget freak, I got mine in feb, and I still think it's the coolest thing I own.

28th Oct 2004, 14:24

mat says:

Audiophiles don't listen to mp3s, or use headphones (unless they're VERY expensive ones)

Sound quality is limited by the format rather than the playback method, tbh. mp3 is a very low-grade format.

Will iPods play oggs/flacs?

28th Oct 2004, 14:29

Joe says:

unfortunately not, MP3, AAC or apple lossless only...mat is correct though mp3 is a very poor quality format, even at the highest bitrates....it does nicely for my car or for walking (though the "mug me" white phones shipped with it are rubbish) for at home though, nothing beats analogue!

28th Oct 2004, 14:36

mat says:

AAC is pretty good. And mp4s, surely? iTunes rips to mp4, so iPod ought to play them..

28th Oct 2004, 16:00

Joe says:

AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 (32 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, Audible
according to the spec sheet HERE
didn't realise it played wavs :)

28th Oct 2004, 16:13

misternavid says:

I'm waiting either for the ipod video (they have to do it soon) or the sony HMP A1 which is the real IPOD KILLER as it supports mp3 (natively unlike the new net hd they released), mpeg 2 and 4 support, 20gb, 3.5 lcd and all fits in the palm of your hand

28th Oct 2004, 18:04

Joe says:

on the video ipod thing: I just noticed this:
Dock connector, remote connector, stereo headphone jack, composite video and audio through headphone jack
on the spec sheet I linked too above, so it can do video out.....hmmmm

28th Oct 2004, 18:21

mat says:

how about one of these babies?

28th Oct 2004, 19:51

Joe says:

oo! oo! I saw one of those in a shop in gatwick airport a while ago...niceage :)

28th Oct 2004, 19:58

kadamontaga says:

I want an MP3 player, but it just seems to me that for £200-300 it should be able to do a bit more than the iPod can.

8th Jun 2008, 18:39

kadamontaga says:

Hmmmh. I see what you mean, and I do want one, but it just seems to me that they've been around for a while now and that surely there must be something better out there that either cheaper or the same price.

Maybe I'm wrong of course, but isn't there something that audiophile geeks covet more than an iPod?

8th Jun 2008, 18:39

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