V10 meets H3

by taniwha

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Who lives in Tregaron. It takes about an hour to drive over the mountain from Llangamarch Wells.
29th Dec 2007, 17:26  

Twiglet says:

I kinda guessed from the photo that your friend doesn't live round 'ere. : )

29th Dec 2007, 17:43

Dhamaka says:

this looks pretty

29th Dec 2007, 17:54

MaggieD says:

Wow, Real winter weather ..... hope you got there OK ......

29th Dec 2007, 18:17

taniwha says:

Thank you. It was a pretty drive. So empty and beautiful at the same time.It felt really good just pootle along these little roads with Neil Young's 'Live Rust' on the stereo.

The light was very uninspiring and so no photos came out looking good at all. This one included. But got there quite safely. to eat smoked salmon and bagels with my friend.

I'm thiking that this year I may cycle this route.

29th Dec 2007, 18:30

Caine says:

Very pretty. :)

30th Dec 2007, 01:07

ktricho says:

beautifull !

30th Dec 2007, 04:37

ktricho says:

beautifull !

30th Dec 2007, 04:37

frog51 says:

Ohhh - looks like a perfect road. Wales is a bit like the highlands in that respect, and I love it anytime I drive there.

31st Dec 2007, 11:49

taniwha says:

Are you in the Highlands Frog? We plan to visit next year and would appreciate any personal recommendations.

31st Dec 2007, 20:40

frog51 says:

Actually living just west of Edinburgh but as my parents live about 300 miles north of me I do a lot of driving in between so know a fair number of lovely places on east and west coasts all the way up. Do you know whereabouts you will be?

4th Jan 2008, 23:32

taniwha says:

Well we are still at the planning stage and reading around though I find that personal hints are often really useful. I'm thinking that we want to go camping - we want to go somewhere quiet and not too worried about basic facilities. I want to do some driving through some gorgeous landscape and would prefer to see something a little more remote. I'm not too fussed about seeing cities.

My daughter on the other hand just wants to see the town where they film Balamory.

5th Jan 2008, 14:54

what's the story in Balamory, wouldn't you like to know? If you come cycling in wales let me know in plenty of time. if you go camping in Scotland, prepare to be eaten alive by midges!

9th Jan 2008, 14:47

taniwha says:

Para - I considered dropping in to see you too while I was in Llangammarch ... and then my Brother-in-law showed me where you were on the map. No time. But we plan to go down your way this year. I'll look you up.

9th Jan 2008, 14:51

winespy says:

that's my kind of road, beautiful :)

13th Jan 2008, 23:25