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I think I need to get a better camera phone.

Ha! I got one at last!

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Spectators watching an altercation between a traffic warden, a motorist, his missus and his mum.

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28th Oct 2004, 23:07  


Roxy Hart says:

Who won?


28th Oct 2004, 23:23

saintjim says:

It was a close match. In round 1 the traffic warden had the upperhand with some nifty pen work. His corner were very supportive too, being big fat vehicle clampers with lots of experience to impart. But then in round 2 the motorist turned nasty and made some headway, throwing some badly aimed swipes at the warden who ducked and dodged like a pro before the loony was pulled back by his corner (his missus and his mum). Eventually he was dragged away leaving the traffic warden and the fat boys to take the world street barging championship title. But then (not very suddenly), two cops turned up with sirens blazing, just in time to miss the action. I imagine they probably spent some time saying something like "there's nothing to see here, please disperse" to no one in particular, but we were bored by then and got back to work, only aware of their departure by their sirens blazing again, as they sped on their way to another incident that had probably already abated.

28th Oct 2004, 23:36