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this is me, trying to put down my thoughts about everything and anything in the most sincere way possible, trying to find order in the chaos that is my life, trying to throw some mediocre-to-good pictures in along the way and trying to do it all in such a charming way that maybe someone actually finds pleasure in reading it all.

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this pic of me is sort of old, but my camera is still not fixed and i'm running out of new pictures (especially ones to fit the occasion) so this'll have to do for this post. i'll have to lend a camera or something, things simply can't go on like this.

anyway, i'm sorry for my absence over the last few days, thursday, friday and the weekend have been reeeaaallly stressy and busy and i simply could not find enough time to send something decent to, or keep up any vage and ambiguous relationships i might have with certain people here ...

to those few people (especially one:) who actually read all this cryptic nonsense, constant wailing and never-ending reflections and short stories about my life,

i've got LOTS to write, and i hate when i have LOTS to write about and don't have enough time (which really, luckily doesn't happen very often), and if things go like i planned, and i wake up tomorrow where i'm supposed to, i'll let you in on all the new chocolate-news :)

anyway, i'm wishing all of you who read this a happy new year, a wonderful and memorable night tonight and a good slide*!

... don't do anything i wouldn't ... :)

* like the english simply say: "happy new year", germans say "happy new year and a good slide", whereas "a good slide" is the exact translation of what we say here. sounds really really weird in english, i know, but now you've learnt something interesting. well possibly interesting. actually probably absolutely meaningless :D

see you soon!
31st Dec 2007, 18:34  


chocolate says:

thaaaanks :D

and a happy new year to you as well!

... i can't wait either :)

1st Jan 2008, 15:10

MaggieD says:

Hey, and a Happy New Year and a good slide to you too (really do hope that the happiness out weighs the sadness this coming year) ...........

1st Jan 2008, 20:03

chocolate says:

i do too, and i'll do my best to achieve that. i'll let you know how things are going in vast detail, of course.

1st Jan 2008, 20:11