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"Experience, a comb life gives you after you lose your hair" Judith Stern

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F1.8D 50 mm DOF fun

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The food shots were taken in quite gloomy light under shadow - the camera did a better job than the naked eye.

Steve says:

Top one is pretty cute

3rd Jan 2008, 00:46

Euphro says:

Thank you :D

3rd Jan 2008, 00:48

Dhamaka says:

these are beautiful clean clear shots

3rd Jan 2008, 01:00

swamprose says:

you guys might know your shots, but that's no tasmanian devil up there. bokeh or not.

3rd Jan 2008, 03:23

Euphro (NLI) says:

Well, my children love their Tasmananian Devil and he's the best representation of one I've ever seen in a toy :)

3rd Jan 2008, 08:04

kyoob says:

sweet - my Canon 50mm 1.8 prime is my fave lens too - nice shots :)

3rd Jan 2008, 08:51

Euphro says:

It is such a fun lens :D

3rd Jan 2008, 10:45

Caine says:

Really nice. Love the last shot.

4th Jan 2008, 00:35

Euphro says:

Thank you :D

4th Jan 2008, 10:27

great little lens - far too cheap to not own!

4th Jan 2008, 10:31

Joe says:

Can I ask how much you payed for it Euphro? I've seen it online cheap, but my local purveyor of optical equipment won't get it in for less than £130.

4th Jan 2008, 11:17

Joe - only £69 here

4th Jan 2008, 11:28

Joe says:

yeh thats where I saw it :)

4th Jan 2008, 11:30

mat says:

I got mine for less than 40 notes off eBay...

4th Jan 2008, 11:30

goode says:

....Same as Mat....

4th Jan 2008, 12:21

I got the Canon equivalent one of the best lenses I have ever owned. Love it.

Nice shots as well :D

4th Jan 2008, 12:28

Euphro says:

I took advantage of my recent trip to San Francisco to buy it there, for $121 inc tax, which was about £60.

That microglobe price is extremely competitive. I've used them before and found them good.

4th Jan 2008, 12:29

Joe says:

Thanks A...I might buy that this weekend...

4th Jan 2008, 12:32

Euphro says:

You won't regret it :)

4th Jan 2008, 13:07

JokerXL says:

f1.8 is FAST!

4th Jan 2008, 22:53

Euphro says:

It's wonderful! With ISO1600 I can be taking pictures at 1/250th of a second in gloomy rooms :)

4th Jan 2008, 23:10

swamprose says:

I have been so frustrated by my low light. I have learned a lot from this discussion. and hey, next week, I am going back to university, to do photography. I sure hope lens are the first thing we get to talk about, but I doubt it.

*saving madly for a 50 mm lens but not sure which one, there's a 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8*

depends how well I save, I guess.

4th Jan 2008, 23:16

Euphro says:

If you can afford it, I'd go for the F1.4. I nearly bought one in San Francisco :)

4th Jan 2008, 23:25

kyoob says:

1.4 if you can afford it - i have no idea how tight the DOF will be at 1.2 millimetres?

5th Jan 2008, 00:39

nige says:

swamprose and kyoob shoot canon, euphro. they are the enemy!

i'm not sure what the canon price range is like, but for us Nikon users the 1.4 is priced quite a bit higher than the 1.8, but they are both excellent lenses.

5th Jan 2008, 00:59

Canon good Nikon bad :D

Not sure how I can quantify that having never used a Nikon, they do seem to be cheaper to own, lenses and stuff are less than Canon from what I have seen

5th Jan 2008, 08:13

Euphro says:

I knew about Swamprose, nige :D

I use both :) I have a 400D (Rebel Xti) at work as well as the D100. At home I have three Canon compacts.

It is interesting to see the equivalences: Nikon AF = Canon EF and DX = EF-S; Nikon ED glass = Canon UD glass. I do lust after Canon L lenses :)

For info, the Canon equivalent 50 MM F1.8 (EF) is even cheaper than the Nikon :)

5th Jan 2008, 08:43

nige says:

thats gotta be expensive, playing both sides of the fence. still, i can think of worse ways to spend your cash than lenses ; )

5th Jan 2008, 08:57

Euphro (NLI) says:

Don't get me wrong - I let my employer buy the Canon bodies and lenses :D I just advise on purchases and use the cameras.

At home, I have the D50 and lenses :)

5th Jan 2008, 09:01

nige says:

works for me!

5th Jan 2008, 09:07

swamprose says:

when I bought my Canon, it was just the best deal around--I wasn't thinking about future purchases, such as lens. Like many things in life, you make decisions in innocence and then later, the implications become clear. So you live with it.

I have been learning a lot about the technical aspects of photography. I was feeling really stupid about equipment until I looked at the photos some of these experts.

doesn't matter to me what you haul around. it has to do more with what you see and how you show it to me.

5th Jan 2008, 20:26

Euphro says:

I couldn't agree more. As Edward Steichen said, "No photographer is as good as the simplest camera". All that better equipment does is broaden the range of your possibilities. I've always been encouraged by Ansell Adams opinion that "Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop" :)

5th Jan 2008, 23:10

Euphro says:

I should add that I don't feel that I have yet achieved even one :)

5th Jan 2008, 23:15

nige says:

i fully agree with you both, which i why i wonder why so many enthusiasts continue to hunt for lenses and expensive pieces of equipment when they should really concentrate on things like composition and "the decisive moment" (as Bresson would say). expensive glass and bodies don't make any difference if you can't see.

5th Jan 2008, 23:17

Euphro says:

I am as guilty as the next person in lusting after expensive pieces of equipment, but I have experienced something of an Epiphany (very appropriately) over the past couple of days through the discussion in this post and your Monopoly one, nige. I'm hopeless at composition. Mrs_euphro runs rings around me whenever she snatches some brief moments to use the camera in between looking after me and the children. However, I am learning, or at least trying to learn. Moblog has been an enormous help.

If I were to try and see what better equipment does, it is to reduce your frustration by allowing you to capture the fleeting, or distant, moment. However, unless you are a pro, and need those extra nines of guarantee of success to make a living, then you don't need Canon L lenses or Nikon ED glass or a D3. The flexibility that comes from having a digital SLR is wonderful, but, as I have slowly, and reluctantly (because it means I can't justify the big purchases) come to understand, any modern compact is capable of amazing results, as is a Holga or a wet-plate collodion camera, for that matter.

5th Jan 2008, 23:30

nige says:

thats so true, i think. some of the best pictures i've seen have been taken on plastic toy cameras. the capabilities of a camera have little to do with the end result, especially when the photographer can see.

i think all of us enthusiasts are constantly learning, and thats a good thing. if you haven't done so already, a good starting point is to learn about the rule of thirds, the golden section (golden mean, golden spiral, golden ratio), the diagonal rule etc. and anything you can get your hands on to do with basic photo composition. when i wanted to take my photography more seriously, it's what i did, and i was amazed at the improvement with just a little reading. ultimately, the rules are made to be broken, but i found it enormously helpful to learn them.

totally agree with you about moblog too. it really caught my attention and made me realise my interest in photography once again. steve was my ultimate inspiration.

6th Jan 2008, 00:06

kyoob says:

moblog was the major inspiration for me, i wanted to push myself and take great images like the moblog cornerstones were doing (you know who they are), i was becoming frustrated with just the phone to take images so i made the leap while i could afford it, there is now no limit to what can be done with my current hardware. I am aware of the rule of thirds and spiral composition, and zap - i must go and read up on this golden section. Thank you nige! :)

Night all.

6th Jan 2008, 00:25

swamprose says:

yes, the blog has infected me, taught me, pushed me--always with support and only gentle teasing when I get too silly. Ironically, the hardest photos for me, those of people, are the ones I like to do the most.

I got a Holga for Christmas:)

6th Jan 2008, 13:09

nige says:

:) you'll like that. i'm looking for a TLR at the moment, actually.

6th Jan 2008, 13:44

goode says:

nige, TLR... Let me know if you find a source of good relatively cheap ones...

6th Jan 2008, 13:54

nige says:

i will. i'm mainly looking on ebaY at the moment. you after one too?

6th Jan 2008, 13:55

Euphro (NLI) says:

This post inspired me to do a bit of searching and I came across this quote of Ansell Adams, which could be a mobloggers charter:

“I never know in advance what I will photograph, ... I go out into the world and hope I will come across something that imperatively interests me. I am addicted to the found object. I have no doubt that I will continue to make photographs till my last breath.”

By the way, nige, thanks for the tips on the golden section. I'd come across the golden line before, but had no context for it. It looks very useful :)

6th Jan 2008, 19:10

swamprose says:

euphro, that is one fine quote.

not only do we have the golden mean, but we also have the exquisite off-balance of Zen vision.

6th Jan 2008, 21:56

Euphro says:

I dearly hope so :D

I find the quote deeply inspiring. It sums up how, for me, photography fills even the most mundane activity - a walk to the shops, for example - with potential excitement, and enriches all travel and new experiences :)

6th Jan 2008, 22:15

swamprose says:

and having travelled with you and your camera very briefly, it makes me smile.

I remember facto and I ranging around Yorkshire with Viv, and how completely acceptable it was to hold everything up because a photo was needed. In the Uk, it was wonderful to be around other people for whom a photo stop was no problem, even expected.

I hope to find similar infections here.

6th Jan 2008, 22:22

Euphro says:

I really hope you do, because I understand how important it is, how important Moblog has been to me, to find people who share your passions. Through the people here, MoblogUK gives one wonderful licence to indulge a... can I call it an obsession, with like-minded individuals you would possibly never otherwise meet :)

6th Jan 2008, 22:28

nige says:

glad to be of help, euphro. agree with you both on the quote. very much.

6th Jan 2008, 23:50

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