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We Hate the Royal Mail!

by ransom

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We Hate the Royal Mail!!

The Royal Mail SUCKS!!

Have you sent something recently that wasn't recieved!? Are you waiting to recieve an item? Let everyone know!

How to submit your story:

1. Send/Expect to receive an item of mail.

2. Photograh yourself with late object or card that they may leave if you are 'unavailable' or alternatively rant about lost or damaged mail. Always remembering to take a picture!

3. MMS/email the photograph to: hatemail[at]

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After posting your problems here! Let them know about this site by phoning up and complaining!

Royal Mail Customer Service
PO Box 740
Stoke on Trent

tel: 08457 740 740

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Hi, where can I complain about Royal Mail service - see the red card, also postman signed for me a letter and put it through the door. I have not signed for this, should I complain about this? Cheers
11th Jan 2008, 09:52  


Geodyne says:

Goodness, I'm grateful when my postie does this for me!

(Although admittedly he's checked with me in the past about what I'd prefer him to do when I'm not in.)

11th Jan 2008, 11:39

mat says:

Yeah, me too, Geo. I trust my postman, and he's never done anything to make me regret that. Good bloke. He'll hunt me down for a sig if it's Special Delivery, but he'll often sign for normal packages for me.

11th Jan 2008, 11:47

Geodyne says:

A good postie is a thing to treasure, Mat.

11th Jan 2008, 11:56

mat says:

He works afternoons at the local garage, so he's also the guy who does my MOT. I do like the smallness of where I live.

11th Jan 2008, 11:58

Geodyne says:

Fruitcake up the sinus hurts.

I've been enjoying village life for the last three months, and it's simply fabulous.

11th Jan 2008, 12:00

wellfedup(fastferret_2005-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Royal Mail take 70p for items to be sent by Recorded Delivery. The reason a person sends by Recorded? so they know that person has received it!!
Therefore you should ask the person who sent it to claim their 70p back as Royal Mail have taken their money under false pretenses (fraud). Also there are enough crooks in our society that would say they never received this item and therefore would claim back from the supplier a refund.
Oh and guess what Royal mail would come up with their favorite quotation "we assume it has been delivered as the customer has not replied to our letter" probably sent recorded or I would say not as they know this system is a joke!!!!

27th Jan 2008, 19:35