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Welcome to The Moblog of Sir Findo Gask.
Unfortunately for you this is like a window in to my mind!
Pictures taken with my new Nokia N95 8GB. Others are taken with my Canon EOS 350D, which are copied off the card and sent from my PC

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Borris feeling sorry for himself

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And SWMBO and I feeling sorry for ourselves.

But the boy is insured so we'll be ok.

Twiglet says:

Oh dear, poor fella. What's wrong with him??

25th Jan 2008, 13:02

seaneeboy says:

Oh dear... Hope you're closer to working out what's wrong with the poor lad...

25th Jan 2008, 13:13

Twiglet, Seaneeboy,

We think that he has a sever infection in his middle ear. Just before Christmas he started walking around with his head tipped to one side and also started running in to things.

We took him to see his vet, Dr Needle, who said he had a palsy and conjunctivitis. He didn't know if the conjunctivitis caused him to clatter in to something which caused the palsy or the other way around.

He gave him a load of antibiotics and stuff but that has not cured him, so yesterday the boy was taken in for X-rays. Nothing conclusive from those but Dr Needle still thinks it is an ear problem. So to that end he sedated the boy, burst his ear drum and washed his ear out, then sent him home with a paw full of antibiotics and pain killers.

He has to go back on Monday, Thursday and the following Monday to have his ear flushed through again. If that don't work, then Dr Needles friend, Dr Scalpel will have a go at him :(

25th Jan 2008, 14:19

poor boy, i hope he doesnt need to go see dr scalpel. :(

get well soon borris.

(dog hugs)

25th Jan 2008, 14:22

silar31 says:

Poor guy! Are they running tests on what they flushed out of his ear to be sure it is an infection and not something like vestibular syndrome? How old is Borris?

*sends virtual cuddles to Borris*

25th Jan 2008, 14:52

hildegard says:

Aw, poor wee man!

25th Jan 2008, 15:18

Dhamaka says:

oh dear - poor Borris

25th Jan 2008, 15:33

Silar, he is 8 this year.

They have sent of a sample from his ear to check for stuff. We should know the results on Monday.

25th Jan 2008, 16:10

Twiglet says:

Oh poor little fella! Give him a kiss from me (no tongues though)!

Don't worry about the bill too much. That's why God created the Capital one credit card...

25th Jan 2008, 16:51

SWMBO says:

Insured or not we'd spend the money, he is suffering so it has to be sorted :)

25th Jan 2008, 18:14

hildegard says:

Inevitable Borris-related browsing of vet sites reveals that CAT & MRI scans can be used to investigate deep ear problems - check your policy & try to sway the vet if the insurance covers it - you could have your first picture of Borris T from the inside!
Heuw, just reminded self of that Vapours song...

25th Jan 2008, 20:34

Twiglet says:

Oh hildegard! Did you HAVE to? I've now got that bloody song in my head.

*I really think so* : )

25th Jan 2008, 20:58

MaggieD says:

Poor Borris, that top pic kinda tugs on the heart strings ..... the second pic kinda tugs on the purse strings ..... really hope the treatment works ......

25th Jan 2008, 21:01

This one by any chance?

25th Jan 2008, 21:08

hildegard says:

Oh my word, I'd never seen the video before...

25th Jan 2008, 21:35

Twiglet says:

I'll definitely be humming it all weekend now! But oh! For 3 minutes I was young again....

25th Jan 2008, 22:15

JokerXL says:

Aw, poor Bo!

26th Jan 2008, 11:04

midlife says:

Feel Better Borris!

30th Jan 2008, 02:53

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