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I go to sleep, sleep.
And imagine that you are there with me.
I go to sleep, sleep.

Except i can't. can't see me catching the 6.25 bus in the morning can you?
31st Jan 2008, 02:31  

FilbertFox says:

why thank you kind lady

31st Jan 2008, 02:41

FilbertFox says:

PAH!! I will try and sleep now, but the wind is a-raging - and i don't mean mine

31st Jan 2008, 02:43

FilbertFox says:

joker will not have fun crossing the pennines, it tends to be blowy at the best of times

31st Jan 2008, 02:48

A1 was windy tonight, my arms ache from trying to keep it in a straight line. ( i have a 16 foot high trailer)

31st Jan 2008, 05:40

Dhamaka says:

did you?

31st Jan 2008, 08:27

Helen says:

I've just this minute finished nailing my window shut, stuffing its sides with tissue and masking taping up all the sides. I did not get any sleep either. The window was so so noisy and rattlely. I half expected to find myself in Kansas this morning. Hope you managed to catch a little shut eye.

31st Jan 2008, 08:51

taniwha says:

gales here too ... biking weather?

31st Jan 2008, 09:15

FilbertFox says:

got to sleep eventually. I am currently 1 hour late for work and waiting for a bus, and Helen I think this might be Kansas, well my garden doesn't look like how i left it!!

taniwha - cycle gear ready, just waiting for your call...

Electrictrucker - pleased to meet you, hope your arms are recovering

31st Jan 2008, 09:28

nige says:

you'll sleep well tonight, no doubts!

31st Jan 2008, 10:14

Jane Doe says:

Hope your day improves

31st Jan 2008, 11:19

OCD Sprocket says:

the wind was whistling up my bath last night - there's definitely something wrong with my pipework!

31st Jan 2008, 12:08

I can't think of much worse than insomnia, and the later it gets, the more you worry about the coming day. I'm currently between medications, so only insomniac every other night at the moment, which is luxury.

31st Jan 2008, 12:09

minkey says:

Mad here as well and slept but kept turning over and over :-( insomnia is not funny, and cycling in this will land on the other side of the world....

31st Jan 2008, 13:24

OJ says:

Oh no, I hope you got to catch up on your sleep.

I've been having sleep problems for a few weeks now, not weather related.

Don't know if you'll like it, but Moving to New York by The Wombats is rather appropriate and my bounce-around-to-the-radio track de jour. It's appropriate...

It ain't a lullaby but you might like it The Wombats My Space

31st Jan 2008, 16:34

paintist says:

sleepless in...? I feel sorry for you

1st Feb 2008, 11:38

JokerXL says:

Trouble with wind FF?
I know the feeling.
I roared past your place at about 4am that morning, hope I didn't wake you.

1st Feb 2008, 22:55