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Got through the high winds and driving rain without tipping over last night. I heard that a colleague on the M6 wasn't so lucky and was killed. It's a fine line.
We weren't sure if it was a good idea to open up the side and start loading these straw bales, there was a danger of the wind getting inside the trailer and even blowing the roof off.
In the lee of this tall shed it was just about possible to get things done reasonably safely.
Sat at Hull now, waiting for the boat to Rotterdam this evening which has just pulled in, six hours late.
More high winds are forecast for tonight, which should be interesting.
31st Jan 2008, 12:41  


swamprose says:

glad you made it. take care and blog often in high winds.

31st Jan 2008, 12:47

540air says:

Sorry to hear about your colleague, that's not nice. Stay safe and like sr says, blog muchly :)

31st Jan 2008, 12:53

Caine says:

I am so grateful you're okay. I'm very sorry to hear about your colleague. My condolences to his loved ones. Stay safe, and blog as often as possible.

31st Jan 2008, 13:15

Geodyne says:

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your colleague. I know how easy it is to go over in this weather.

Stay safe on the ferry.

31st Jan 2008, 14:13

best wishes for a safe trip

31st Jan 2008, 14:19

taniwha says:

And from me too. And I thought I was brave going out cycling today ...

31st Jan 2008, 14:48

OJ says:

Yes, stay safe. Can you just wait it out?

Hmm, and I've arranged a shoot tomorrow at a ruined building with a risk of falling masonry. I'll be keeping a very beady eye on the weather.

31st Jan 2008, 17:11

MaggieD says:

So sorry to hear about your fellow trucker, it must be hard on Annie (and all trucker wives) at times like these, let alone you and all your trucker mates, I always think of you when they give extreme weather warnings .... stay safe,
much love,

31st Jan 2008, 23:29

JokerXL says:

Tnx for all your kind thoughts. Big ship's just pulling into Rotterdam now, never felt a single wave.
The driver who was killed wasn't a Huisman driver, we all consider ourselves colleagues, I didn't know him personally.
Maggie you're a sweetie, please check your spam filter on your hotmail account, I've been trying to reach you.

1st Feb 2008, 06:32

sorry to hear about your colleague. you got it easy with your little trailer mine are 16 foot high/4.88 meters last couple of days it feels like somebody has been trying to pull my arms off..

1st Feb 2008, 06:41

JokerXL says:

E-trucker, I don.t envy you!
In Europe we're restricted to 4meters, 13'3"
Which is quite high enough thank you.
At your hight you should have taken the week off!

1st Feb 2008, 08:29

paintist says:

yes I'm with Maggie, every time something happens to a trucker I think of you.......stay safe

1st Feb 2008, 11:46