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Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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listening to a dead hd

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My laptop died. hard drive and logic board gone. I knew she was on her last moments so I was ready. I think I will frame her. She was great. My camera is also in trouble and is at the Canon hospital. I get her back in a month.

I myself am toast in my digital camera course. sort of impossible to do without a camera, but I am determined. I am the studio assistant for the entire class.

I have a student discount so I bought a new computer. a macbook pro. I got her today. she's one hell of a fast woman.
9th Feb 2008, 02:20  

factotum says:

Requiem in Pacem!

9th Feb 2008, 03:49

Jig along says:

Blimey. Thats one nice laptop your getting.

Too bad about the your camera. Did you end up getting that nikon coolpix?

9th Feb 2008, 06:26

Jane Doe says:

Can't the college lend you a camera? Jealous of the new Mac - don't you just love student discounts : )

9th Feb 2008, 10:14

OCD Sprocket says:


9th Feb 2008, 10:48

Helen says:

Corr, MacBook Pro! Still, it's hard to lose an old friend.

9th Feb 2008, 11:05

hildegard says:

Yeah, even if your department doesn't have loaners, isn't there a faculty resource or something? I was in a Humanities dept but we could check out cameras & AV recording equipt from the uni for a day or two at a time.

9th Feb 2008, 14:44

OJ says:

Oh dear. What did you use to take this shot? A cameraphone?

It's good. I hope your camera gets repaired soon.

9th Feb 2008, 15:59

Viv says:

yay for fast women!

were your ears burning yesterday we were talking about you - all good!

and was thinking of you both as we drove back across the moors from malham today in sunshine rather than mist!

9th Feb 2008, 20:15

MaggieD says:

I will second that yay for fast women (I was once one of those, I am now more of a dawdling dame) .... sorry to hear about all your technical difficulties ..... ace pic :)

9th Feb 2008, 22:18

OCD Sprocket says:

Can I just third that YAY for fast women.

9th Feb 2008, 23:35

Viv says:


10th Feb 2008, 11:34

swamprose says:

thank you for the HL.

no camera from school, and my friends will not part with theirs. I am just going to work like hell when repairs are done.

I could hear things were going downhill so I downloaded almost everything onto my external drive before my ibook gave me the death click. that's where the photo is from.

I was saving for this new fast woman. need her to play starcraft2.

I plan to fix my old girl, just need some time, tools, and maybe a clean room. ha!

10th Feb 2008, 14:50

nige says:

after your hiatus, you come back to 128cm of snow and a dead hd? dang.

the shot is great, btw.

10th Feb 2008, 17:18

ukmari says:

sorry to hear about the laptop & camera ;

10th Feb 2008, 21:05

sorry to hear this but I knew this shot would get a HL

10th Feb 2008, 22:26

taniwha says:

It is a nice pic ... I always shed a tear for a lost computer. Spend so much time on the thing.

11th Feb 2008, 13:10

EJ says:

I laptop is sick right now too. I think it might be terminal but it keeps coming back from the brink for no apparent reason & when I least expect it. I think it's doing it to mess with my head.....& it's working!

11th Feb 2008, 22:36

swamprose says:

EJ, please tell me you backed things up.

11th Feb 2008, 23:31

EJ says:

I had backed up, thankfully. I'm a bit obsessive that way, thank goodness.
It keeps life interesting though, not knowing when I switch on if it's going to work or if I'm going to get a scary blue error screen. Nobody can say I don't know how to live dangerously!

12th Feb 2008, 21:17

chocolate says:

oooh i like this, really captures the tragedy and all :)

13th Feb 2008, 22:22

Jesson says:

Hey SR, haven't heard from you for a while. Is everything OK?

28th Feb 2008, 21:35

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