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because tomorrow morning, it's de-balling time. poor thing has no idea.
11th Feb 2008, 17:14   | tags:

silar31 says:

Aw, he'll be well, and you're doing right by him. No gonadotropic hormone related cancers for our favorite white fluff. :)

11th Feb 2008, 17:22

nannu says:


11th Feb 2008, 18:00

OJ says:

Is it a particularly nice meal mat?

11th Feb 2008, 18:17

mat says:

NatureDiet Holistic Puppy Food

It's slightly cheaper than the other wet puppy foods. If he'd known why he was getting so much more meat than usual, I don't think he'd have been quite so eager.

11th Feb 2008, 19:26

pandairo says:

*crosses legs

11th Feb 2008, 19:34

hildegard says:

Poor Lemmy. All for the best. Hope he's not too discombobulated by it all.

12th Feb 2008, 01:08

mat says:

I've just left him at the vet. That dog sure loves him some opiates...

12th Feb 2008, 09:50

Sir Findo Gask says:

Awwwwww poor Lemmy..

You might want to look at Neuticles

12th Feb 2008, 12:03

paintist says:

how is he today?

12th Feb 2008, 12:03

parabolichobo says:

bye bye nadgers...

12th Feb 2008, 12:09

mat says:

He's currently not here. The vet just phoned and said he's done, all went well, but currently still a bit wobbly from the druugs..

I'll be going to pick him up shortly. And will try not to laugh where they've shaved him.

12th Feb 2008, 12:11