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any one else feel the earth move?

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about 1 in the morning we had an earthquake.....really quite a strong one for us. The epicentre was apparently kingston on hull.....4.7, nothing to other places I know, but quite 'stiring'
27th Feb 2008, 09:43  


Helen says:

I thought a giant cat had jumped on the bed... I'm sure I felt it twice.

27th Feb 2008, 09:50

paintist says:

yes it was twice....exciting

27th Feb 2008, 09:52

Helen says:

Heh, made me feel a little drunk because the bed didn't stop wobbling straight away, but I wasn't worried.

Did you hear anything being nearer the epicentre?

27th Feb 2008, 09:56

paintist says:

no, I have looked at news on the internet, and people say things fell off shelves etc, but nothing major...we weren't worried either......perhaps if it had gone on a bit longer we would have been.

27th Feb 2008, 10:00

Jane Doe says:

Ooh, hello! How exciting.

27th Feb 2008, 10:03

billion says:

heh. I read the news this morning. it said "britain's biggest earthquake in a quarter of a century has left one person injured." I imagined one poor fella with a slightly grazed knee... but now I see his injury is a bit more serious so I won't laugh about it. still, we do live in an extremely safe country when it comes to weather.

27th Feb 2008, 10:11

Tori says:

Glad you are okay.

I don't much enjoy earthquakes.

27th Feb 2008, 10:38

WhiteFluffyClouds NLI says:

It was in Market Rasen - I'm in Lincoln and it was pretty strong here.
It woke me up so I was all dazed and confused - it felt as though someone had come in my room and was shaking the bed and as Im above the garage it was super loud with all the stuff banging about in there!
Seemed to last about 15-20 seconds here.....

27th Feb 2008, 10:55

540air says:

Missed it completely here. Too far south I guess.

27th Feb 2008, 11:00

paintist says:

it is said to have been quite widespread linky to news here

27th Feb 2008, 11:28

We felt it here..

27th Feb 2008, 12:32

apparently it could be felt in northants, gosha holls flat mate felt it.

i on the other hand slept right through it¬

27th Feb 2008, 12:55

hildegard says:

Heh, was fun. Was sitting in a slightly bouncy chair so thought at first that Oscar was thundering downstairs, then that it was a huge load or heavy machinery on the railway nearby, then that Oscar had indeed come down & was attacking the back of my by then properly bouncing chair. Jumped to my feet as an invisible hand tugged the chair twice & I realised what was going on. The general wobbling accompanied by a nice all-but subsonic something, a noise not in the air, but coming up through my feet.

Think that's about my 21st earthquake - all in the UK, so not as rare as you'd think. Shouldn't like anything bigger than last night & of course the damage & injury is regrettable but I do like a little quake.

27th Feb 2008, 13:22

Spiderbaby says:

It rolled me over in bed! Thought I'd badly overloaded the washing machine at first until I realised the powers of Indesit have not quite reached those proportions yet.

I like this picture - very nice portrait :)

27th Feb 2008, 19:07

Dhamaka NLI says:

and a good portrait too

27th Feb 2008, 19:20

crickson says:

Goddamnit! I've always wanted to experience a quake and when it finally happens I'm not bl**dy there! : (

27th Feb 2008, 20:46

Jesson says:

I'm glad to hear you're all OK. Your little 'quake hit the news here (Australia). It seemed very strange to hear of a 'quake in the UK when you're so far out of the rim of fire where most of the 'quakes hit. I always wonder where the next one might hit based on the movement of the tectonic plates- Toronto next maybe???? (see Wikipedia plate tectonics)

27th Feb 2008, 21:55

Can I print this shot for Lucia please?

27th Feb 2008, 22:20

paintist says:

yes of course D :-)

28th Feb 2008, 16:32

billion says:

:D taniwha - every day my gal re-tells to me things I've said to her in the early morning which I have absolutely no recollection of.

28th Feb 2008, 16:43

MaggieD says:

Didn't feel anything here (London) but a friend in Lincoln tells me it shook a chimney pot off her roof and caused her cat to give birth to her kittens (all OK by the way, so could have been just coincidence) .... ace pic BTW,

28th Feb 2008, 19:53

swamprose says:

didn't feel a thing.:D

but what a lovely portrait.the lighting is wonderful. must have taken ages to arrange.

29th Feb 2008, 13:17

hollive says:

I slept through it... I sleep through everything! Lol x

1st Mar 2008, 19:34

itchymoblog says:

Lovely pic! Really kind of Rembrandt-y.

And we felt the earthquake (it woke us) in Manchester, though it may have helped that we are five floors up (apparently tall buildings magnify the sensation?).

6th Apr 2008, 17:53

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