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You will bring me the death now
28th Mar 2004, 20:42  

ana(Anataylor77-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Oh you silly.

28th Mar 2004, 21:37

Melinda says:

What EXACTLY is that you're smoking???

28th Mar 2004, 21:42

konamijunkie(konamijunkie-at-tugamail-dot-com) says:

some kind of GEN X salvia...

28th Mar 2004, 22:33

Phoenix says:

Obviously a bluetooth cigarette...

28th Mar 2004, 22:50

Evil Tim says:

I wonder just how fucked up does warren fills?

28th Mar 2004, 23:59

Warren says:

my cigarettes are the space cigarettes

29th Mar 2004, 00:24

bob(jackiechan-at-aol-dot-com) says:

MMMaaannn... I just quit too. Now you show me something that makes me want to just grab a pack and smoke the hell out of them.

29th Mar 2004, 01:11

c says:

i want one of those

29th Mar 2004, 03:36

anonymous says:

"You will bring me the death now...
said he to the smokeless Space Cigarette which was busy inducing images of screaming winged babies in the writer's mind.

29th Mar 2004, 05:15

Penda says:

Silly me. And here I thought you were marking the spot where you wanted me to bury the ax - or the baseball bat, or in my current situation, a large piece of driftwood.

Your cigarette placement makes a perfect target.


29th Mar 2004, 06:28

Phillip(baxterporidge-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Got the cigarette from nasa did you? Alien life smokes, do they? Did Nasa tell you, as well as I, that cigarettes have a radioactive chemical called DHT in it, which contributed to the aliens evolution, and that's why they are bald? Man, I'm tellin' you, Nasa is gonna get yo' ass if you not be bringin' back dem dere cigarettes for the further study those cigarettes will have on future human evolution.

29th Mar 2004, 08:52

The other anonymous says:

I was going to make some lame joke about setting fire to your hair but...

29th Mar 2004, 09:09

Warren says:

...but it's a little late for that, yes.

29th Mar 2004, 12:22

The other anonymous says:

There was no question mark after that 'yes'.

29th Mar 2004, 14:21

Warren says:

There wasn't supposed to be.

I really need to look into getting this commenting system switched off.

29th Mar 2004, 17:46

Evil Tim says:


29th Mar 2004, 18:08

Marc Millar says:

But then there'd be no occaisional ribbing from me, mate. In front of you anyways.

29th Mar 2004, 20:10

Phillip(baxterporidge-at-aol-dot-com) says:

I made a funny. And then they shot it.

29th Mar 2004, 22:58

Sarah Lynch-Walker(slynchwa-at-vt-dot-edu) says:

That's the worst unicorn impression I've ever seen.

29th Mar 2004, 23:38

Evil Tim says:

It reminds me more of a drunken mexican toad I once hit with my car.

30th Mar 2004, 02:02

El Gato says:

I want blue joint!

30th Mar 2004, 08:38

George says:

why are you smoking e.t's finger?

30th Mar 2004, 19:13

The Other Anonymous says:

Last comment then...

30th Mar 2004, 20:16

I Mat says:

Man, that is one funky blue zit.

GM Clearasil makes it grooow and glooow.

31st Mar 2004, 19:02

George says:

I guess they _would_ burn hotter when dipped in ethanol.

2nd Apr 2004, 00:24

thedude says:

its one of those "Who am I? What am I doing? and who are these people?" pictures.

8th Jun 2008, 15:38