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I'm a tarot reader and hobby astrologer just about all the time I'm not grooming dogs. I've been reading for about ten years now and have a lovely website created for me by my talented web designing, show producing and ever charming Irish man. We're doing live tarot chats these days which include free one card readings for all viewers and free flowing question and answer sessions. We've also set up a forum as well as a blog on the site. Come by and check us out.

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3rd Mar 2008, 22:35   | tags:,,,


lupaloo says:

She's actually a bit more purple than she looks in that picture. Dyed with gentian violet in a recirculating bather.

My cuticles are still the same color as the dog. :)

4th Mar 2008, 14:50

Salome says:

I think that's my favourite Faith-colour so far.

5th Mar 2008, 15:48

lupaloo says:

Yeah Salome, I love this color for her. It suits her shy personality better than the bright pink. I like how the shade changes between the shorter and longer hair too.

5th Mar 2008, 15:49

anonymous says:

why would you do that to a dog you loved?

5th Mar 2008, 18:46

lupaloo says:

She looks purely tortured doesn't she anon.

5th Mar 2008, 18:49

lavenderblues(mylavenderblues-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

I tried to dye my great Pyrenees (Rufio, nickname Blue) a baby blue for Halloween one year... we put one of those cone things on him so he couldn't lick himself, but to no avail. How do you do it?

5th Mar 2008, 22:36

lupaloo says:

I use gentian violet (it's a topical treatment for thrush/yeast and can be found in pharmacies without a prescription) diluted in water and run through a recirculating bather.

5th Mar 2008, 22:40