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The Story of Bottled Water

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paintist says:

get thee behind me........ :-)

7th Mar 2008, 18:05

hildegard says:

Couldn't resist the way he echoed the colour of the "sale" signs.

7th Mar 2008, 18:21

Jane Doe says:

: )

8th Mar 2008, 10:17

Puddikat says:

Great shot

8th Mar 2008, 10:41

hildegard says:

The place is bristling with carved figures & faces, next time must try to photograph more of them. Reckon about 05.00h is the best time to do it - photographers can be somewhat of a bother in those narrow lanes...

8th Mar 2008, 11:57

Spiderbaby says:

Did you go to barley Hall? It was just down the snicket underneath that scarlet gentleman. It can look rather unpromising from the Stonegate end of Coffee Yard, but it opens up into a courtyard and reconstructed medieval hall. I used to be a volunteer there, it has some great events on throughout the year and a very good shop where you can find all sorts of replica medieval pottery, glassware, horn things, mead and Lindifarne wines etc, a good collection of books about the period, build your own trebuchet kits and things like that.

8th Mar 2008, 23:39

hildegard says:

Admit the shop's not so much my thing - more of a Madiera glasses & cakestand shopper when it comes to retro purchases, but Barley Hall sounds worth a go next time...

8th Mar 2008, 23:51

Spiderbaby says:

It does some very good events weekends and medieval music/entertainment evenings which really bring the place to life. Particularly entertaining are Sir Robert Cecil's Men (Shakespeare, men in frocks, that kind of thing) and the Trouvere evenings.
Barley Hall and Events

8th Mar 2008, 23:59

hildegard says:

Ta for the links - definitely worth a visit. Am also now able to give this chap his proper title in the tags.

9th Mar 2008, 01:39

Twiglet says:

When BS was at Uni in York we always called this fella the *Stonegate Devil*.

9th Mar 2008, 14:52

hildegard says:

Saw some other carved wooden devils in York but only faces. Don't know if he has any pals about the place but this chap seems quite the landmark whether you come upon him by Stonegate or by Coffee Yard.

9th Mar 2008, 15:11