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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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OJ says:

Still at the intrepid stage then? Where's he going?

Melly jumped in the bath with me the other day. When I say "with", I mean "onto", quite expertly landing on my chest. Impressive really....

12th Mar 2008, 17:19

hildegard says:

Sounds like behaviour worthy of Good Time George...
So long as the claws stayed in, I'm impressed.

12th Mar 2008, 17:24

OJ says:

Claws did stay in and he landed on a flannel so it was painless. He didn't know how to get out again, but isn't that always the case....

12th Mar 2008, 17:31

paintist says:

its a great relief to see him up and about again

12th Mar 2008, 18:49

hildegard says:

Hard to believe I was so worried about him just a few weeks ago & now look at the big lump...

12th Mar 2008, 20:40

Jane Doe says:

You realy do seem to have hit the fast forward button between toddler and teenager.
'Garden-creeping' was one of the highlights of my adolescence.
Can't you give him a mobile phone and lots of credit and explain that he is to call you in extremis?
; )

13th Mar 2008, 18:19

hildegard says:

I've been considering an RFID tag & a scanner to track him down. Why don't they put this facility in pet microchips?

13th Mar 2008, 18:48

you must be exhasted keeping up with this one. wow, he just keeps going like the energizer bunny.heehee.

24th Mar 2008, 05:45