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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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mara says:

haha fantastic

20th Mar 2008, 19:07

OJ says:

Aha! Another vegetable eating feline.

20th Mar 2008, 19:19

Helen says:

Hmmm never tried Meg with melon (Mog won't be interested, she's not adventurous with her diet).

20th Mar 2008, 19:20

hildegard says:

Ate the melon with a spoon, put the remains down by my chair & went back to reading. Few minutes later wondered what the odd noise was...
I can't find melon on any list of cat toxins so left him to his juice slurping ways.

20th Mar 2008, 19:30

Jane Doe says:

Tucker loved grass, but it served as an emetic...
Oscar has class, I bet he wouldn't touch honeydew : )

20th Mar 2008, 20:11

hildegard says:

The quantity of watermelon he ate as a kitten had some, um, vigorous after-effects.

20th Mar 2008, 20:24

minkey says:

Un chat qui a du caractere ;-)

20th Mar 2008, 20:31

OJ says:

It's when he gets on to beeroot you need to worry. You know what that does.

20th Mar 2008, 20:44

hildegard says:

Also Berroca. Many's the young man who's been startled by the results of his vitamin supplement...

20th Mar 2008, 22:07

Dhamaka says:

Misha loves melon too. When she was a small kitten she'd get inside to eat it!

20th Mar 2008, 22:54

Caine says:

Good captures. Several of my cats are very fond of melon.

20th Mar 2008, 23:12

swamprose says:

Oscar. so simultaneously brilliant and deranged.

21st Mar 2008, 03:12

JokerXL says:

A melon??
You're kidding me!

21st Mar 2008, 08:46

Puddikat says:

Nellie likes melon too. Great pics : )

21st Mar 2008, 09:19

hildegard says:

It's some relief to learn that melon's a popular cat snack - for once, Oscar's not alone in his eccentricity...

21st Mar 2008, 12:39

Salome says:

I bet he goes mad for dried apricots....

21st Mar 2008, 13:48

hildegard says:

He's not yet had the opportunity - I'm no fan of dried fruit.
Seemed to be the juice, not the flesh he was after - maybe he did learn something from his watermelon experience....

21st Mar 2008, 14:43

MaggieD says:

Hahaha .... lovely shots :)

22nd Mar 2008, 17:16

Viv says:

new one on me

27th Mar 2008, 00:01