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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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22nd Mar 2008, 02:20   | tags:,,


Caine says:

Fabulous! I like this, it made me laugh out loud. :D

22nd Mar 2008, 02:33

Dhamaka says:

well captured

22nd Mar 2008, 08:40

hildegard says:

Splendidly silly, isn't it? Certainly makes the place easy to find.

22nd Mar 2008, 12:15

JokerXL says:

One visitor at a time? with a head for heights?

22nd Mar 2008, 16:29

MaggieD says:

This isn't Luton is it? .... home of the mad hatters ....

22nd Mar 2008, 17:18

hildegard says:

Stockport, also a home of mad hatters. All you need to know about the hat museum & doubtless more beside here;

22nd Mar 2008, 22:15

The phrase mad as a hatter came from there apparently..

All nutters hat makers, you can't take them anywhere..

23rd Mar 2008, 08:10

JokerXL says:

I once knew a hat maker, a milliner.
Most boring bloke I ever met.

23rd Mar 2008, 08:17

frog51 says:

Please somebody, students, anybody - pop a big hat on top of it

23rd Mar 2008, 09:46

JokerXL says:

Just popped up there for you Frog, not a student, but hey.

Image Hosted by

23rd Mar 2008, 12:18

hildegard says:

Heh - cheers for that Joker.
The madness of hatters was brain damage caused by mercury vapours released in the felting process. That no longer being the case, contemporary miliners are free to be as quiet & even-tempered as they like...

23rd Mar 2008, 13:13

If I were a modern day milliner I would want to be mad.

Not to fussed about the mercury poisoning but I like the idea of being mad...

23rd Mar 2008, 15:09

midlife says:

This one is TOPS!

1st Apr 2008, 01:55