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It's Friday, so in honor of Crickson and Spiderbaby I shall drink gin. So which one? Hang on just in case there is any misunderstanding, the question is which one FIRST
28th Mar 2008, 16:40   | tags:,,

Helen says:

Get the Gordons out the way first, then progress from there.

28th Mar 2008, 16:45

FilbertFox says:

there are 2 little bottles of Gordons, and more of the Gordons sloe gin as well

28th Mar 2008, 16:47

Dhamaka says:

I like Helen's idea - go from small bottle to large bottle in easy to trace stages

28th Mar 2008, 16:47

OJ says:

Have you got any Hendricks?

28th Mar 2008, 17:20

Poppet says:

the blue one

28th Mar 2008, 20:17

crickson says:

Wish we were there!

28th Mar 2008, 20:28

crickson says:

Actually, start with the Menorcan one - it's delicious.

28th Mar 2008, 20:29

Plymouth - and sling the rest!

28th Mar 2008, 21:17

JokerXL says:

It's all yuk,
with tonic? ice? slice?
Aw go on then.

Start alphabetically, see how far you get

28th Mar 2008, 21:20

FilbertFox says:

i took the gordons sloe gin to my friends 'party'.

29th Mar 2008, 00:35

sloe gin, mmmm bombay sapphire, mmmm, don't like any others, mmmm

29th Mar 2008, 10:08

EJ says:

I can highly recommend adding some Hendricks to your collection, with ice and cucumber.......very refreshing.

29th Mar 2008, 16:31

FilbertFox says:

i don't keep them long enough for them to be a collection.....

29th Mar 2008, 17:13

Viv says:

that is a collection !

30th Mar 2008, 12:27

Another vote for Hendricks here, but Bombay Sapphire is quite good enough for me. I hope you saved me some.

Of course, you could just pour them all in the tub, float a half-dozen limes around, and climb in with a long straw....


31st Mar 2008, 00:53

Spiderbaby says:

Oh I do miss gin. Might have to go get some now...
Always keep the miniature in reserve for emergencies!

2nd Apr 2008, 21:22

minushabens says:

no doubt! Gin is Bombay!

7th Apr 2008, 15:42

Jane Doe says:

My out-laws racehorse won the Plymouth Gin stakes or some such similar a few years back. Let's just say that the prize was enjoyed by all ; )
I'm a Sapphire girl, myself

12th Apr 2008, 11:41