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ploughing the arable farmland
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apologies... really shouldn't be turning my moblog into a "holgablog" but I just couldn't resist posting these cool pics from my easter weekend in cumbria.
31st Mar 2008, 11:33   | tags:,,

PrincessJun says:

Looking good! Love the middle one. I have finally finished my film on my holga - lots taken in Edinburgh last week ;) . Looking forward to the results. Hope they come out as good as this.

31st Mar 2008, 12:27

nice, particularly the middle shot

31st Mar 2008, 13:46

billion says:

p'hobo - that's one of the 55 ancient stones that make up the beautiful swinside stone circle.

(aka the 'stonehenge ain't got nothin' on me' circle...)

31st Mar 2008, 15:56

lps says:

Great serie! I don't know which is my favourite...

1st Apr 2008, 13:50

taniwha says:

The middle one is lovely, the Holga is like a camera that photographs dreams

1st Apr 2008, 15:04

billion says:

that's a pretty neat description, taniwha. there's definately something dreamy about all h-pics when they come out well.

1st Apr 2008, 15:36

taniwha says:

Ever seen till the End of the World ... reminds me of the dream camera in that for some reason

1st Apr 2008, 15:51

billion says:

ain't seen it but imdb tells me it's a wenders film with nick cave on the soundtrack (um, wings of desire anyone??)

I was thinking along the lines of "the dreamcatcher" in the bfg...

1st Apr 2008, 16:18

taniwha says:

Yeah, I'm a big fan of Nick Cave and his song is one of his more interesting ones - it has this weird kind of narrative running through it. I prefer End of the World to Wings of Desire (but both are better than the sickening American remake of Wings).

1st Apr 2008, 16:47

Dhamaka says:

I'm not surprised - these are lovely shots
Far as I'm concerned you can keep the holgablogging going...

4th Apr 2008, 14:13

billion says:

aw thanks dhamaka, I've just picked up some new developed holga pics so I might post a few more if they're any good...

4th Apr 2008, 14:44

itchymoblog says:

Like these. There is definitely a really dreamlike quality to them ...

6th Apr 2008, 17:48

MaggieD says:

loving this series ...

23rd May 2008, 18:00