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Boet & JokerXL bring you;
Welcome to "CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD"

The idea is simple and is this:
We send a disposable camera on a photographic journey around the world. At each of it's stops the receiver takes just one picture, something outstanding in his or her area and sends it on to the next MobLogger.
When it's full it comes back to us, we get it developed, scan the images and post them on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site.
See, simple!

If you're interested in taking part we'll, of course, need your postal address. This information will be stored securely and, only but only used for the purposes of the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD project. After it has been used, once, it will be deleted, permanently.

We don't do "Simple", so here's the rest:
There are 27 exposures in each of our cameras and, we think, it's journey will take about a year to complete. Pretty boring for all of us waiting at home for the pictures to be posted.
So! Each recipient is asked to blog themselves along the camera's route. Digitally record your experiences with "the package" and post them on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site. That way we can all keep up with the camera's progress, week by week.

We want you to make an image that the rest of the world will say "WoW" to. Like Eminem said; "you only get one shot, one opportunity", so make it count!

After all the fun's been had and all the images are safely back home and posted on the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD site we intend to publish the whole thing in a full colour book. Each single image, with the accompanying "blogged" pictures, a short description of the piece by the MobLogger responsible and a short biog. The book will be available for sale online as soon as humanly possible (after the last images are back with us of course).

All proceeds from sales of the CliCk_ArouNd_tHe_WorlD book will go to the "Lime suckers" project which will assist Heather in her medical costs as she fights Hodgkin's lymphoma.

So come on MobLoggers, join in the fun and let's see how far we can take this thing!
Drop us a line at anjamarty[at]orange[dot]nl
We look forward to adding you to the list of participants.
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End of the Road!

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After a lot of deliberation I have decided to bring this project to an end.

Thanks to all of you who have participated.
To those of you who did not receive a camera to click on, my sincere
What should have taken approximately six months (roughly one week between
"CliKerS") has not yet been completed in fifteen months.

Some people simply received the camera and forgot all about it, Emails
containing next addresses were lost in cyberspace, one camera was lost in
the post, I had to chase up each camera on (almost) every step of its
journey. One or two of you were very prompt, followed the instructions
included in the box and contacted me immediately, most were not.
The last known whereabouts of the Six cameras is as follows;
CiCkCaM 1 - Cheso, in Buenos Aires, gave it to Dhamaka to take back to
London with her, thank you D.
CiCkCaM 2 - was unfortunately lost in the post somewhere between Joe Bloggs
in Leeds and Daz in Germany
CiCkCaM 3 - was last seen in the possession of Seaneeboy in Leeds and should
have been on its way to Paddington in Perth, Australia, but I have no
confirmation that it was sent.
CiCkCaM 4 - was last seen in Kostika's place, she was to send it on to
Strange Little Girl, but again, I have no confirmation of it either having
been sent or it arriving at SLG's gaff.
CiCkCaM 5 - was in Goode's hands up there in Aberdeen, he was to pass it on
to Filbert Fox in leeds but again, no idea if it was sent or if it arrived.
CiCkCaM 6 - went AWOL in the post on its first leg, on the way to Nige's
palace in Milton Keynes.
Could whoever has a CliCkCaM in their possession at this time please package
it carefully and send it off to this address asp, please, pretty please,
pretty please with bells on:Marty Hirst

(c/o) Huisman International U.K. ltd
Sondes Road
Willowbrook Industrial Estate
NN17 5XL Corby



Once again, thanks to all who took part, I'll be developing the cameras and
working with the images they contain as soon as I get them all in. A
follow-up on this site will emerge, eventually, and it is still very much
the plan that a book is produced.


posted by Joker365x

3rd Apr 2008, 09:22  

paintist says:

phew! It sounded such a simple idea too......looking forward to seeing the pics you have managed to get

3rd Apr 2008, 10:24

hype says:

that is a list of shame if i ever saw one ;)

t'was a good blog.

3rd Apr 2008, 11:16

Dhamaka says:

Joker - I'm sorry. Having organised something moblog related I'm both unsurprised about the difficulty of getting people to do more than express an interest and surprised at the extent of the difficulties you had

I was going to hand the clickcam I have to you personally at Shoot London - I know it's a while but at least we'll know that it can't get lost..... If you'd rather I post it off please let me know

3rd Apr 2008, 11:19

nige says:

mine never did turn up. damn shame because i had something good in mind for my shot. sorry it didnt work out as intended, but I hope the pics you do get are good enough for print.

3rd Apr 2008, 12:23

JokerXL says:

Keep hold of it for now D, I have little faith in the others turning up before I'm in London anyway. If you see Nige before then pass it on to him.

3rd Apr 2008, 12:46

White Fluffy Clouds NLI says:

Ooooowwwwwww :(

3rd Apr 2008, 13:56

540air says:

That's a shame, I thought it was a good fun idea and was glad to have taken part in it.

As for the whereabouts of CliCkCaM 4, SLG would be the one to confirm it as I'm usually gone before the post arrives, but I'm 99% certain it never arrived.

3rd Apr 2008, 14:20

Dhamaka says:

I just wanted to add that I did appreciate the help I got for the moblog competition - some friends made a huge effort and I couldn't have done it without them

3rd Apr 2008, 14:37

seaneeboy says:

I'm so sorry - things just totally got away from me. I'll pop it in the post early next week.

3rd Apr 2008, 15:04

FilbertFox says:

Shame.. I didn't get the 1 intended for me :'(

I had plans for it if 1 ever did end up in my hands.

Sorry it didn't work out, it seemed so simple and such good fun

3rd Apr 2008, 15:06

shame I didnt get mine :(( but you got my email this morning

3rd Apr 2008, 16:09

Essitam says:


I never got my turn!

3rd Apr 2008, 16:46

goode says:

I sent it on a while back... So I'd blame the royal mail...

Sent standard parcel not recorded though...

6th Apr 2008, 13:51

damn shame, but not surprising considering the state of the postal services.

6th Apr 2008, 13:58

FilbertFox says:

maybe mine will turn up in the next year or so, ya never know

6th Apr 2008, 17:08

JokerXL says:

Another one lost then?
The post can go suck! Everything digital from now on. I'll get this molecular-reductor working this weekend so I can send huge packages by phone line.
It's the future!

11th Apr 2008, 08:25

paintist says:

how are things looking now?

3rd Jul 2008, 11:51

eroika says:

Bummer :-(

21st Jul 2008, 18:47

Dhamaka says:


11th Jun 2009, 16:12

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