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The rift

Aka torchwood 3... I'm in cardiff for a meeting so just had to come down to the bay! I'm such a geek!

JoHeadMonkey says:

Wow, looks amazing, and check out the blue sky too! beware of those aliens though sean...

Like the 5th one, although for a moment I thought you were behind the water, and wondered how you did it... best go to sleep soon I think!!

8th Apr 2008, 23:55

seaneeboy(nli) says:

They've trapped me!

Nice to be back after so long stuck without moblog access - bloody orange SMTP Servers!

9th Apr 2008, 09:05

welcome back seanee - hope you enjoyed your trip - the bay area is pretty ace, isn't it?

9th Apr 2008, 10:54

seaneeboy says:

It was absolutely delightful - really nice and sunny and warm last night too - very European!!

9th Apr 2008, 14:36

Salome says:

That's where Owen jumped in the water when he was dead! I would be the same Torchwood geek if I were there.

10th Apr 2008, 16:04

seaneeboy says:

Well spotted Salome! It's shorter than it looks too... And the water was lovely and clear, so it probably wasn't too horrible for 'im :)

10th Apr 2008, 16:08

Rich says:

That's where 70% of all Torchwood and Doctor Who goings on have gone on. If you looked carefully you could probably see John Barrowman standing on a building somewhere, brooding.

10th Apr 2008, 16:09

seaneeboy says:

Naw, I managed to pick the one day when no-one was filming anything. Even the next morning they were down there for BBC News...

10th Apr 2008, 16:10

Rich says:

yeah, they've wrapped series 4 a few weeks ago. I think they're now prepping series 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures and then of course there's the christmas special and the other specials and oh my. Torchwood will probably be coming back, rumours of it being "de-adulted" swirling around. Second series was much better than the first but still room for improvement. Still, Chris Chibnall's finally fucked off to pre-ruin CSI:London so there's hope.

10th Apr 2008, 16:19

seaneeboy says:

Torchwood's re-commission is a "When" rather than "if" - there's no way the Beeb are dropping it.

There was significant de-adulting for this series, but apparently they're more than likely to keep doing two versions - one grown ups and one without the swearing and blood (cos they don't really do much sex anymore!!) taken out... it worked well this series I thought...

I loved this series - first one was very much hit and miss, but i thought it was good at the time. I think I'd struggle through it a bit now I've seen how far they've come, just a real transformation. to be fair though they had an extra 6 months to sort themselves out, hopefully we won't have to go through that again!

Didn't really spot which ones Chris Chibnall was helming, so wouldn't know - I thought the opener and closer were remarkably good for RTD scripted ones though...

it's Law & Order:London he's off to do, which is more than likely to be rubbish anyway!!

11th Apr 2008, 12:27

Twiglet says:

I can't see Torchwood being dropped either. Also can't wait for series 2 to come out on DVD although there wasn't enough Jack/Ianto for my liking.... A fan girl at my age!

11th Apr 2008, 12:33

seaneeboy says:

Ianto had the greatest lines/comic timing this series, but wasn't in it quite as much, which was a shame...

11th Apr 2008, 13:09

Salome says:

Owen is my favourite. And we never saw the body so I think he'll return as a radioactive superhero... like the Hulk.

11th Apr 2008, 14:14

seaneeboy says:

Ha! I do hope they bring him back, But I don't think they've made any decisions yet...

There are persistent rumours that Mickey is joining Torchwood. This would make me sad.

11th Apr 2008, 15:45

Rich says:

that would be lame. Where do you get your source of rumours, anyway? I've not heard that and frankly I'm fairly well interfaced with the doctor-who-rumourtron. Rumour I heard was Martha joining full time. Which makes a lot more sense.

Oh and RTD did none of the writing, Chibnall wrote the first episode and the last three. It would take me several years and require a bunch of swearwords that haven't even been invented yet for me to explain why he's a wrong'un. Though you know how some writers are able to make cliched material sparkle and shine, making the familiar seem new? He's not one of them.

11th Apr 2008, 18:03

seaneeboy says:

I'd heard the martha one too - which I'd be happy with, I thought she worked a lot better in TW than the who...

I could believe he's a wrongun - and will take your word for it :)

I get a lot of chatter from Digital Spy - Which you have to take with a pinch of salt due to (1) the type of people that tend to post (more people, less common sense. Always a rule of life) and (2) the sheer volume of posts means pretty much every rumour going will appear there at some point.

One flying around at the mo is Gwen and Ianto make it into the season 4 finale of Who... not sure if that would be a good thing or bad thing...

11th Apr 2008, 18:31

Twiglet says:

I had heard that rumour about Gwen, Ianto and Jack all being in Dr Who too. Also about Martha and Mickey being in Torchwood. Also that Jack was coming out of Torchwood but you really don't know what to believe. I will say this though, the spoilers were spot on with episodes 12 and 13 of Torchwood, we knew exactly what was going to happen.

I did like Owen and Tosh but Owen was starting to get on my nerves. I either wanted his to be probably dead or probably alive. I think Salome is right and that he will return, the actor himself has said he might turn up in the sewers living with the Weevils, but was he joking?

Not that I ever watch it or anything.....

11th Apr 2008, 18:58

Rich says:

Everyone but everyone is going to be in the final. Wouldn't be surprised. Of course all these rumours of who's going to be in it are a useful smokescreen to mask the really interesting characters who're going to be showing up. Should be insane.

And as for the Christmas special....

11th Apr 2008, 19:34

Craft says:

Christmas Special..... The Doctor, The Master, Martha and any/all of those Torchwood folk can come down my chimney.

My young friend says Davros is returning to DW too. That alone makes the licence fee bearable.

11th Apr 2008, 20:16

coolerpix (kickasscooler-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

U take great pix sir! put a cooler in 1

25th Apr 2008, 07:32

seaneeboy says:

Many thanks :)

25th Apr 2008, 09:13