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dish drainer juxtapositions, vol.1:

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JokerXL says:

I thought he'd got himself a funky hamster, wm.
(very small telephone screen to squint at here)

17th Apr 2008, 23:03

Caine says:

Fabulous, love those colours.

17th Apr 2008, 23:11

spongevid says:

that drainer is amazing! wheres it from?

18th Apr 2008, 00:25

nige says:

it's by a company called magis, vid. you can buy it online, but i must admit i shelled out 40 quid for it because i liked it so much. worth it though - who wouldn't want to wash up with one of those?

joker, i can't imagine where you got hamster from!

thanks caine & wm ; )

18th Apr 2008, 00:52

Mandy says:

is that a little baby pizza cutter?

18th Apr 2008, 01:01

nige says:

see, now you're quite close to spotting what i thought everyone would be asking, and no one has. the pizza wheel is ordinary size, it's the bottle of vodka that is absolutely massive!

18th Apr 2008, 01:03

wow, then the drainer is doing well to support it!!

18th Apr 2008, 15:07

swamprose says:

is vol.2 coming soon? featuring another huge empty vodka bottle?

19th Apr 2008, 14:31

nige says:

it might, swamprose! though it probably won't be another vodka bottle.

series of photos are beginning to appeal to me now. i'm seriously thinking of doing one on different people's bunches of keys. i think it might be interesting.

19th Apr 2008, 16:43

swamprose says:

I really like series of things. right now, I am onto the native plants thing again. going to document them all this year. bet you can hardly wait.

20th Apr 2008, 02:59

hype says:

lol nice, i'm enjoying these.

an upside-down label usually gives away the size of the bottle!

nige, i've just informed my one-legged Darth Vader to be prepared for fame...

22nd Apr 2008, 17:18

biffadigital says:

keep them coming please

22nd Apr 2008, 19:39

nige says:

i'll keep looking for them, biffa!

hype, it's definitely on the way...

and swamprose, we wait with breath that is bated.

22nd Apr 2008, 20:20

MaggieD says:

Loving the colours, I now have an idea for a series :)

22nd Apr 2008, 20:43

nige says:

can't wait...

22nd Apr 2008, 21:27

Viv says:

so much colour

23rd Apr 2008, 10:40