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Oh... what's this package?

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oh YES!
26th Apr 2008, 13:46  

nige says:

how did you get your hands on it so early?

26th Apr 2008, 13:58

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

gameseek.co.uk said they would ship it when they got it. So they sent it out yesterday because that's when rockstar sent it to them. I can't believe they're allowed to send it out before Tuesday's release but i'm not complaining!

26th Apr 2008, 14:00

nige says:

yeah thats crazy. dontbelievethehype has taken next week off to buy & play this. last night he was like "four days to go, nige". wonder if he'll be pissed when i show him this.

can't wait to play it myself. wicked.

26th Apr 2008, 14:04

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

That's a bit extreme. Although having read gtaforums.com a bit there are some proper mentalists on there.

Some memorable forum threads include:

"will my playstation overheat if i play too long?"


"How are you going to kill your first pedestrian ?"

26th Apr 2008, 14:22

nige says:

i'd describe my housemate as a gaming fanatic without any of the ugly bits...

lmao at that second question!

26th Apr 2008, 14:25

gofes says:

Busy weekened then? But is it any good.....

26th Apr 2008, 18:26

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

i'm actually out in Soho tonight. I'd rather stay home and play on this all night though, perhaps i'll sneak home early!

10% complete already

26th Apr 2008, 18:58

hype says:

lol, not pissed nige, but rather jealous.

good description!

revans, extreme?! ITS GTA IV!!!!!!!11

1up for online purchases. I hope gameseek have warned Xbox360 buyers, anyone using GTA IV online before the release date will be banned from XBox Live. Owing mainly due to the XBox PAL version leak on PiratebBay. Or now, LibertyBay lol.

28th Apr 2008, 09:36

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

Indeed, i heard that about the xbox live too.

I have to say, having spent a good portion of the weekend playing that it is brilliant. I'm about 13% complete now, hitting the missions hard.

28th Apr 2008, 10:16

niz says:

Can't hold out anymore, going to nip into game or argos tomorrow morning and pray they have a copy. See you online..

28th Apr 2008, 12:20

hype says:

Good to hear it lives up to expectations. Think I'll hit the missions too, when the whole city opens up I might start being a bit random ;) I'm off shopping at midnight!

I'm interested in what the multiplayer is like too.

28th Apr 2008, 13:26

I will have a look for Duels then.

Also I've gone for a Dylan's Ice Cream Moblog as my Moblog is just going to be filled up with photos of a van, instead of the usual quality photos I normally take.

28th Apr 2008, 21:17

rhys says:

They are slagging this off on Radio 5 live right now (22:15). Are you going to go round and steal a car and do a few drug deals tomorrow?

28th Apr 2008, 22:19

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

Yes. Turns out i have problems differentiating reality and fantasy.

29th Apr 2008, 11:14

Rich says:

oh hey, you've got a PS3 too, nice. My PSN name is Richtard, if you want to add me. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet - the one time I tried to connect the servers were all "nah" but I'm utterly loving the main game. Enormously good game.

1st May 2008, 21:36

r_e_v_a_n_s says:

Yeah i can't get on multiplayer now either. It was fine Sat and Sun but now the servers are falling over because too many 13 year olds are trying to log on, presumably.

1st May 2008, 22:33

Rich says:

scandalous, that. Still, when the single player is so vast I can't see it being a massive problem.

1st May 2008, 23:40

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