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Sunday Morning Kitchen, part 1

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This Raspberry & biscuit Brulee is a Hywel Jones creation from the Lucknam Park Hotel near Bath.

1/2 pint of (double) cream

Punnet of raspberries

A sheet of gelatin

Vanilla pod

Castor sugar and icing sugar

Some of those frozen puff-pastry sheets (thawed)

Warm a pot of double cream in a pan with some castor sugar and a vanilla pod 'till the sugar melts, then heat it to just under boiling point.

Off with the heat, out comes the vanilla pod, split it down the middle and scrape out the seeds, put the seeds back in the pan and cut the pod into very thin strips. Dry the strips on a window ledge or something, they'll be part of the decoration later.

Soaked the gelatin sheet in water for a couple of minutes then squeeze-out and incorporate it into the cream.

Pour the infused cream into two ramekins and leave to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours. It needs to get pretty solid 'coz it gets turned out upside down later.

Push some of the raspberries through a sieve to make a bit of a Coulis and toss the other raspberries in it.

Four of the pastry sheets joined together, folded in half and rolled up like a Swiss-Roll. Do all this on a board with castor sugar sprinkled on it instead of flour or whatever. Chill in the fridge for an hour or so to firm-up then cut into thin(ish) slices, roll out dead thin and cut into rounds. They only need about 10-15 minutes in the oven, sprinkled with
castor sugar. When they come out you've got to be fast on your feet. Before they start to cool down (and harden because the sugar's cooling) squash them flat, as thin as you can get them, with the back of a pan and let them cool on a wire rack.

The construction part is a hoot!

Tip out the Brulee (good luck) onto a big plate, place a biscuit on top, a ring of raspberries on the biscuit, a iscuit on the ring of raspberries, a ring of raspberries on the biscuit (following me still?) and a raspberry skewered with a strip of vanilla pod on the top.

Pretty huh?

"Eet smakelijk"
3rd May 2008, 20:56  


ukmari says:

wow, it does look really nice!
you can open cake shop

3rd May 2008, 21:07

hildegard says:

Now you're just showing off... ;)

3rd May 2008, 21:18