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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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How will they know who to charge?

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9th May 2008, 05:18  


Euphro says:

Secret cameras :D

9th May 2008, 13:55

hildegard says:

That sign is also insufficiently specific. Having been a chambermaid, I can tell you that yes, there are people in this world sufficiently stupid to think that means "Don't put toilet paper in toilet."

9th May 2008, 13:58

Euphro says:

I had a dream about that the other night, some post-Greek holiday trauma (where that very prohibition is in place - on Crete and Paros, anyway) :)

9th May 2008, 14:00

hildegard says:

....! But, but, what in the name of Vespasian are they using for sewage treatment?! Not only do I not want to visit their doubtless whiffy isles but now I don't even want to sail near them. Heeuw...

9th May 2008, 14:24

Euphro says:

It is an unpleasant aspect of holidays there and I don't know what they do for sewage treatment. Their systems are obviously very delicate...

9th May 2008, 14:35