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I'm Steve; i enjoy taking poor quality pictures in large quantities, and so here they are...

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PlayStation2 format software do not perform on this system

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PS3 = £300. Games cost £50.
Money-grabbing wankers.

...Totally worth it though.
13th May 2008, 10:27  

i thought it was backwards compatible? is it or are they just covering their backs?

13th May 2008, 11:18

Rich says:

No, it used to be backwards compatible, but the new 40gig ones don't have it. They removed it because nobody was buying them. When I heard they were removing it I went out and got one, but to be honest once New Shiny graphics are available the last-gen instantly looks old and rubbish. BC is highly overrated. And if you shop around that gameprice quickly comes down. Entirely worth it. Best console out at the moment.

13th May 2008, 11:37

goode says:

best console apart from the wii... (which subsequently is the only console i have ever owned)

13th May 2008, 11:47

JokerXL says:

The Wii is for silly people, oh, Goode, you've got one?

13th May 2008, 14:38

goode says:

yes and yes i guess....

13th May 2008, 14:39

JokerXL says:

I want that fitness Wii mat thing.
But i haven't got a Wii yet, not quite silly enough, yet.
working on it though.

13th May 2008, 14:40

wii's aint for silly people they are for FUN people. :P

the wii fit mat thing is a bit pricey for me at the moment

13th May 2008, 14:47

Rich says:

Speaking as someone who owns all three consoles, the PS3 is the best console in terms of just being a really nice gadget. Not as large a library of games as the xbox 360, but it still has plenty of good stuff to keep you going.

I think as far as the wii goes I've basically become a bit Nintendo'd out. The Gamecube was brilliant, as was the DS, but Nintendo basically remake the same bunch of games over and over again. I guess if you're one of the majority of people who ignored the Gamecube then you'd have fun with the games they're releasing now, but if you weren't then you have literally seen it all before, with better controls. I however am somewhat jaded and swiftly realised that I wanted to play games that involved killing dudes with guns again instead of Super Fun Corporate Mascot Gaytime 10 - now with added wanking motions and yay buttons...

...also it looks like pure ass on an HDTV.

13th May 2008, 15:26

pandairo says:

i'm with rich on this; the wii is good as a novelty toy but the ps3 is a proper gaming system. sony haven't made a big deal about it but the sixaxis contollers have exactly the same motion-sensor stuff as the wii remote.
and as rich aslo mentioned, i've pretty much played mario, mario-kart, crash bandicoot, etc as much as i need to now.

but then nintendo loves backwards compatability...

13th May 2008, 20:53

pandairo says:

oh, and the ps3 is a blu-ray player which is a nice added bonus.

13th May 2008, 21:12

pandairo says:

... and online gta4 is worth a fair chunk of the money, imo.

13th May 2008, 22:29

but is more than twice the price of the wii and double the price of the xbox,

i havnt played the ps3 so can comment but i do think it would be awesome, but it is alot of money for me as i dont play consoles all the time i like ones i can pick up and play for half an hour and that be it, thats the apeal of the wii to me.

13th May 2008, 23:47

Rich says:

yes, that's what he has

The media server aspects of the PS3 are great. While blu-ray can by-and-large take a hike at it's current prices, being able to watch HD torrents is incredibly cool.

14th May 2008, 10:09

pandairo says:

yeah mine is the 40Gb,
blu-ray is way too expensive for me atm but so were dvds when they first appeared, so hopefully this time next year i'll start updating my dvd collection to blu-ray.

blamb: i'd say there are plenty of 'pick up and play' games for the ps3, the playstation store is really rather good for cheap fun games, and also for psp games.

and hotdog: yeah, it's up there with my geekiest escapades... well, not including pc stuff.

14th May 2008, 14:36

Rich says:

Playstation store is ace. My recommendations: Super Stardust, Everyday Shooter, Flow, Pain, and of course the mighty mighty Warhawk, which has become one of my favourite games of all time. Oh, and Locoroco. The kids'll love that. And pixeljunk monsters. And... loads, really.

Oh, my PSN is Richtard, feel free to add me if you want.

14th May 2008, 15:17

Frozen says:

I've been playing GTA online for years :E

14th May 2008, 22:27

pandairo says:

Frozen: but not GTA4 ;)
oh and email me your msn :)

20th May 2008, 00:11