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Welcome to the official Girls Aloud moblog. Here you will find some exclusive photos of the Girls on their latest tour - The Tangled Up tour! But that's not all, as we want to see pictures of you there too! We want you to share your experiences of the concerts here, so we can see what you saw, but before all that we want to see your banners!

We have a whole bunch of tickets to give away for the tour and if you fancy getting your hands on a pair all you have to do is send a photo in of your banner. The best will win one of six pairs of tickets to see the Girls in concert! The winners will be notified Wednesday the 14th May, so get your banner made!

How to post:

You can send pictures or videos to this moblog easily using your camera phone or computer. Just MMS or email your images to: girlsaloud @

Also you can post just by calling from your phone, just ring 0151 266 7521 and leave your message for the Girls! Your message will be converted to text and posted here instantly.

Texts cost no more than your standard MMS rates. If you are still unsure, for more help see moblogUK help pages.
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Hi guys, it's Nadine here. The banner competition is now over and I have to say I'm really upset as I've loved seeing all your hard work. But please keep posting them up on the moblog as I know me and the girls love seeing the ones we don't spot on stage. We'll be picking our favourites today so I'm sure the winners will be notified really soon. Look forward to seeing you all tonight. Love Nadine x

Girls Aloud
15th May 2008, 12:43  

CC(freestuff4cc-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

How exciting!!! If you win come on and let us all know!! Good luck everyone!!

15th May 2008, 12:48

rachel says:

i cant wait to find out who has won im praying its me as id have a complete buzz on

15th May 2008, 13:27

chezzaomg says:

yay. I LOVE YOU NADINE. omg.

15th May 2008, 14:40

rachel says:

i love this pic of the girls their clothes 2 amazin luv nadines dress

15th May 2008, 19:46

abbey says:

wen r the winners gonna b announced

15th May 2008, 22:21

seaneeboy says:

The winners were all contacted by email yesterday so if you did not receive an email I'm afraid you're not a ticket winner.

16th May 2008, 11:55

matty says:

can you reveal which ones won?

16th May 2008, 15:48

abbey says:

its gettin ridiculos da winnas were meant 2 b annoced on wed

16th May 2008, 16:31

sam says:

i lov you nicola your my favourite but i still lov you all xxxxx samantha

20th May 2008, 20:04

sam says:

nadine say hi to nicola for me i wish i could come to see you on tour but could'nt make it but my english teacher went to see you and she thougt you were amazing.lov you spamxxxx

20th May 2008, 20:07

sam says:

soz didnt enter compotion but im sure you would have loved my design because im well creative and im fab at designing posters anyway where the hell is the winner !!!

21st May 2008, 19:17

sam says:

lov nics dress on photo so nice wheres it from?plez reply

21st May 2008, 21:07

Aimee says:

Aww, I love this picture of the girls, they all look GORGEOUS as always and I love what they're wearing! :) I wish I entered this competition even though I went to see them at the NIA! =D Lol and Nicola seen my banner that made for her! :) x x x

26th May 2008, 14:30

Katie Ingham(www-dot-katieingham-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

HI girls aloud If you dont have time this coment i dont mind.

i also want you to know that i a doore you lot and it's always been my dream to meet you and i know it's never going to happen but i still wish ILOVE YOU GIRLSxxxx

27th May 2008, 12:18

kit-cat says:

i love you cheryl

27th May 2008, 12:22

fay(flg24-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

hi could you pls post who won the banner comp.just out of interest.

29th May 2008, 12:00

Brianna(briana-dot-duffin-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i went to see Girls Aloud in concert and it was brilliant i brought a programme
i am looking Girls Aloud up on Youtube
at the moment i really want to go and see them again with mum and dad i have got all their CDs and DVDs i really want to meet Girls Aloud and have my photo
taken with them
i listen to their music
yours sinserley
Brianna Duffin

31st May 2008, 11:59

sam says:

i have 2 say i have all your poster calenders cds dvds and video from popstars the rivals and i have loved you ever since you formed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lov you sam i would lov 2 meet you so muchxxxxxxxx

1st Jun 2008, 20:18

sam says:

ilov you nicola more than any1 who likes girls aloud but i still lov all u gals
lov sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1st Jun 2008, 20:20

anonymous says:

hey GA please please could you come and do a signin in york because i always have to travel miles to see a celeb and nobody eva comes to york acept for chanelle but it would be so special and every1 would lov you gals plus you would have 2 do it @ zavvi when your new book comes out .lov you all sam xxxxxx

2nd Jun 2008, 19:31

sam says:

hey the person that said to come to york(above)was me sam soz forgot to put me name on it lov you sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3rd Jun 2008, 20:29

sam says:

hey gals iv just made 1 of the best colares of girls aloud ever out of the 42 other 1s but i must say this is the best so far.lov you sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5th Jun 2008, 17:24

sam says:

i lov you nicola

5th Jun 2008, 17:25

Holly Girvin(chelseagirvin-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

H3ya I absolotly lov3 Girls Aloud I entered a comp to try and meet dem I realli wanna :( Plz get back to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12th Jul 2008, 17:01