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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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Brown paper packages tied up with string

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These are a few of Melly's favourite things: boxes, brown paper, string, pan
scourers (edible apparently), his own great big bushy tail (for chasing).

An excuse to show Melly fans how big he's grown.

hildegard says:

He is splendidly bushy now...

18th May 2008, 21:45

Helen says:

So pretty still.

18th May 2008, 21:45

OJ says:

He is so bushy, that tail is so prodigious. How old are cats when they stop growing?

He's very rarely still (though always cute).

18th May 2008, 22:03

Rich says:

What a dandy fop.

appropriately enough!

I think cats are basically done growing after a year, but you never can tell. Still quite difficult to judge scale, mind. He looks rather tiny still, to my eyes.

18th May 2008, 23:27

Puddikat says:

Aw, how cute.

19th May 2008, 09:26

OJ says:

Yes, it is hard to judge scale isn't it. It was rare to get him still for long enough to take a photo, so slipping a 50p piece into the shot would've been too much of a risk.

He's bigger than Miss Teazle now (but she's a small cat) and he's only just about 6 months, so maybe he'll grow into that tail.

19th May 2008, 10:04

Puddikat says:

Bob has grown since we took him and he was three when we got him, although a lot of his growth has been in girth not length :)

19th May 2008, 10:06

OJ says:

Ha ha. Miss T was three when we got her too (hence we don't really know much about kitten growth). And she's grown in girth too. The advent of Melly has made her lose a bit of weight though. It's all the running around he makes her do.

19th May 2008, 10:09

Puddikat says:

Nellie has lost weight since Bob moved in too but we think we may have secret cat food robber but we have no idea who that might be ???

19th May 2008, 12:06

Caine says:

He's looking good.

20th May 2008, 02:46

FilbertFox says:

will you be putting suncream on that nose of his? He is very similar to our Rebus. I forgot to see how much he weighed, but Maya who the RSPCA reckon is getting on for 2 weighs 2.25k and is very dinky, Rebus is a bit bigger and has just turned 1.

22nd May 2008, 09:17

OJ says:

Ooh, I hadn't thought of his little pink nose. He's in the habit of sticking it where it's not wanted and so far it has survived.

How are Rebus and Maya?

22nd May 2008, 09:53

FilbertFox says:

they are fine and dandy thank you. It is time to let them out, but we have a robins nest with young 'uns in a low down shrub, so will leave it til they have flown the nest.

22nd May 2008, 11:31

Viv says:

looks gorgeous - some of ours have definitely grown later than we expected

1st Jun 2008, 17:06

Dhamaka says:

lovely warm shot
pan scourers? Tarka tears anything sponge-like to pieces. His habits have made my mother hide all sponge-like things in drawers too heavy for him to open

1st Jun 2008, 17:09