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Dumball 2008 - Mission: Corfu

by dumball2008

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This is The Dumball Rally 2008.

It's when a load of not-so-rich, not-so-famous people get together in their fancy rubbish cars and drive ... all across Europe - just about the opposite of the rubbish Gumball.

Why let the rich and famous have all the fun? Dumball is one of those drunken pub ideas that actually happened.

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This year we're fundraising for War Child:

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Thank You Maplin!

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Dumball One has picked up a small bit of corporate 'sponsorship'.

We had to pop into Maplin to get a Satnav for the whirlwind of organisation that is James "Oh, is it the Dumball today?" Addy, and while we were there we needed to get a new stereo for ourselves. They gave us the wrong model (more expensive) - but the good lads at Maplin saw the good cause in our hearts� gave it to us for the lower price (well, technically they said they were doing it to get the loud man - Nick - out of their shop).

Thanks to Ben, Jimmy, Dean and Gary at Maplin Forest Hill. Maplin. The electronics specialist.

So, in a coup of organisation, and a bit of a panic over the recent french fishymen strike causing massive queues, we're in Dover 2 hours early and are taking the opertunity to get Dumball One looking the part, and do a bit of impromptu War Child fundraising with the 'locals'.

Dumball 2008 has begun. Lets do this.  
23rd May 2008, 13:17  

bo duke(bo-dot-duke-at-thegenerallee-dot-com) says:

sat nav? Jeez you woosey's! We're gonna use moonshine and a compass to find our way there!

23rd May 2008, 15:11

rebs says:

Hey dumball one!! I can tell it's going to be hard to keep up with the blogging this year it's a bloody free-for-all!... May the spirit of the dumball (and - dear god please - a bit of common sense) keep you safe and sound, que la vaya bien, bring back stories and leave a warm fuzzy feeling with the locals! Love you all, love Luke more rebs x

24th May 2008, 00:31