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Dumball 2008 - Mission: Corfu

by dumball2008

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This is The Dumball Rally 2008.

It's when a load of not-so-rich, not-so-famous people get together in their fancy rubbish cars and drive ... all across Europe - just about the opposite of the rubbish Gumball.

Why let the rich and famous have all the fun? Dumball is one of those drunken pub ideas that actually happened.

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This year we're fundraising for War Child:

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Don't go to Germany if you want any fun.

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In fact don't go there at all. Just boycott it.

Germany have consistently bothered the Dumball. Of course, we blame the idiots on the Gumball for that.

This morning, while japing around with the Belgium police (who we love. The first thing they said to us was 'you will no problems here', they let Smalley drive their car, and gave us a through-red-light escort to the motorway) they got a phone call from 'the german government'. Apparently if we even attempt to enter Germany, they will immediately impound our cars. 'Thanks'. Not even a call from head of the UK IPA helped.

Now it's not as if we didn't ask nicely. We contacted the embassy many months ago, explaining our official non-race, non-rally status and that we're doing it all for War Child. They replied, politely, but firmly, stating that they would 'not be offering any assistance'. Then, on the morning we were due to enter, with 100 beds in Munich booked, they take their ball and go home.

But the Dumball's got it's own ball. After our first petrol stop (with only one minor repair to be made so far) we formulate a plan- for the first time, the Dumball route is officially entering France, Switzerland (they're neutral. It should be fine), Italy and possibly Liechtenstein. How civilised.

We're heading for somewhere called Mulhouse near the Swiss border. We wanted to go a lot further today, but that's where the accommodation was easier to find. So a short 400 mile jaunt today.

Leaving just 600 miles up, over and down the Alps to Zagreb tomorrow...
24th May 2008, 13:51  

Helen says:

Boo to the German authorities!

On what basis can they impound your cars? Ridiculous.

Good luck with the diversion.

24th May 2008, 15:55

MaggieD says:

Good luck with the whole venture :)

24th May 2008, 19:43

rebs says:

Bloody Aida! Damn Jerry! Piffle to the distance... It's not dumball without outrageously under-estimated route times! Love Rebs

24th May 2008, 23:40


Bloody Germans..

Did you mention the......

No don't mention the war...

25th May 2008, 08:50