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A bit too much information there

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6th Jun 2008, 13:12  


540air says:

So nice of them to share like that ;)

6th Jun 2008, 13:19

FilbertFox says:

what about your loo paper?

6th Jun 2008, 13:19

Geodyne says:

Heh - I\'ve been dealing with a lot of Russians lately while organising a conference. I recognise the syntax and inclusion of all the information, even when more than necessary!

(I\'m aware this is not a Russian ship, but it\'s regional enough.)

6th Jun 2008, 13:23

billion says:

too much information yes, but hilarious nonetheless. the message could have been summarised in one sentence.

(I\'m tempted to copy the line in bold and stick the message on my work toilets...)

6th Jun 2008, 13:35

kyoob says:

hehe, or a big sign


see, it\'s even polite :)

6th Jun 2008, 15:18

No kittens or badgers then?

6th Jun 2008, 16:33

nige says:

joker, where on earth do you hang out in your spare time? ; )

6th Jun 2008, 18:23

MaggieD says:

well it made me smile :)

6th Jun 2008, 19:06

FilbertFox says:

what about walruses? Can they be flushed?

6th Jun 2008, 20:05

the poop, the whole poop, and nothing but the poop.

6th Jun 2008, 22:06

JokerXL says:

Ah poo-jokes, they\'re the best.

7th Jun 2008, 06:55

if a walrus is flushed, it\'s usually a sign that it\'s pregnant.

7th Jun 2008, 09:33

JokerXL says:

Oh stoppit!

7th Jun 2008, 10:04