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launch evening - www.nigeledge.com

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a few of you already know this from our conversations at Shoot London (and some beforehand), but after a bit of a slog, a little company i've been planning for a while has come into fruition. this evening i'm announcing it's launch. it's sunday, and it's late, i know, but i'm hardly conventional, and i'm just so damn excited!

no point in too much detail here, because those of you that are interested can have a look at the site later, where there's more. suffice to say, i photographed a couple of my friends weddings, and i got a serious bug for the work. for the last few months i've been working on launching myself as a wedding photojournalist, and this site marks the successful end of my plan - stage one.

i already have five full-price bookings for 2009 and two for 2010 (and i got them all through word of mouth and an email portfolio!), and i have more assignments this summer which i'm shooting for reduced fees, to increase my experience. even though i've been a gent of leisure for the past three months, i will return to my regular dayjob on interim assignments until i get myself up and running with the business, at which point i will photograph weddings full time. if i have enough bookings, i'll be my own boss in 2009, but if not, almost certainly the following year.

the site is not 100% at the moment. the photos are a bit crunchy, and i've a splash page to add, as well as quite a few bits to change and develop, but i'm happy with this as a start.

i've got to give huge thanks to everyone in the community for this. if it wasn't for moblog i would never have re-discovered my love of photography in quite the way I did, and I certainly wouldn't be launching this business. so, thankyou all.

more on www.nigeledge.com

the Off-White Studio has launched!
8th Jun 2008, 21:50  

site looks good my man, wishing you well with it. if I know of anyone hearing wedding bells I'll push them your way for sure!

8th Jun 2008, 21:54

nige says:

i'd appreciate that! thanks man.

8th Jun 2008, 21:58

Jane Doe says:

Great news! Wishing you lots of luck

8th Jun 2008, 21:58

OCD Sprocket says:

you will be my photographer of choice once Kylie succumbs to my stalking and agrees to get hitched

8th Jun 2008, 22:00

nige says:

thankyou jane, and sprocket, i will keep my diary in anticipation of your date. now that will be a wedding for the books!

8th Jun 2008, 22:02

Twiglet says:

Great news Nige, wishing you every success. If I ever decide to get married again (like the day after my frontal lobotomy) I'll certainly be in touch! xx

8th Jun 2008, 22:04

silar31 says:

The site is gorgeous Nige and I love your philosophy. As a victim of the worlds most BORING wedding pictures, I think you'll have huge success. :)

8th Jun 2008, 22:04

nige says:

twiggers, you're too kind, and silar, i think you're going to have to dig into the archives and blog some of those wedding pics!

8th Jun 2008, 22:15

nige says:

i'm actually really self-concious about the site at the moment, but i figure as my skills improve (in web dev / design and behind the camera) the whole thing will start to look better. glad you like it though :)

8th Jun 2008, 22:32

MaggieD says:

Love your stolen moments, love the philosophy, wishing you ever success with this venture :)

Hope you will still be taking the everyday photos for Moblog and keeping us entertained in your own inimitable style .... best of luck .... you have the talent, you have the style :)

8th Jun 2008, 22:38

nige says:

thanks so much maggie. you flatter me way too much.

of course i'll still be causing trouble around here. i have too much fun not to :)

8th Jun 2008, 22:50

kyoob says:

huge congrats man, i wish you the very best of luck.

I'm sure you'll have nothing but happy customers, you deserve it.


8th Jun 2008, 22:53

Puddlepuff says:

Gratz man!!

looks like you are following a dream, those are always the best.

8th Jun 2008, 23:04

Dhamaka says:

congratulations and what Puddlepuff says

8th Jun 2008, 23:17

Jig along says:

Love your work Nige. All the best with your new business.

8th Jun 2008, 23:18

nige says:

thanks everyone. i'm so buzzing right now...

8th Jun 2008, 23:33

swamprose says:

I have no doubt you will be incredibly successful.

now, do you do international celebrations of just plain idiocy?

9th Jun 2008, 01:16

It is the way forward mate..

Nothing better than working for yourself, the best thing I ever did.


9th Jun 2008, 06:04

bronxelf says:

good luck!

9th Jun 2008, 07:28

JokerXL says:

Fantabulous Nige!
All the very best of luck, you have talent my man, good to see you channeling it.

9th Jun 2008, 07:48

jc1000000 says:

Woo, nice site - really stylish. Stumbled, delicioused and digged!

9th Jun 2008, 12:05

Alfie says:

You will always be the first name on my lips if anyone is seeking a top flight photographer. Good luck with becoming self sufficient - you can do worse than trying to use your passions to make a living, so congratulations whatever the outcome.

9th Jun 2008, 12:14

jc1000000 says:

Nige - dont really understand how this works but this launched last week...


9th Jun 2008, 12:22

Geodyne says:

Fabulous news indeed! You're an amazing photographer, you're sure to do well. I'm wishing you all the best.

9th Jun 2008, 13:22

OJ nli says:

Good luck Nige. I thought this might be what you were planning.

Do you have any top tips for voluntary wedding photographers (the unpaid kind) that you're willing to share? We're doing it as a favour for some friends shortly and I'm dead nervous.

9th Jun 2008, 13:57

taniwha says:

this excellent news and a well overdue move. do you do portraits? does photojournalism cover photography for other purposes?

9th Jun 2008, 14:12

nige says:

thanks so much for the compliments, guys, and thanks for the bigup highlight. i'm pleased as punch so many people are behind me!

OJ, i'll email you. i've got lots of things, although admittedly most of can be found online. i think you'll find it useful though.

9th Jun 2008, 14:13

FilbertFox says:

Right I have just asked BB for a divorce, so i can get remarried and you can do my pics for me

9th Jun 2008, 14:25

gorgeous site design dude - when i eventually get a domain and site set up, i want something similar to yours! love the fonts and thumbnails :) what did you use design-wise if you don't mind me asking?!
dig that shot of the lush green grass & red/pink(?) shoes - one of the best ever :]
good luck fella :]

9th Jun 2008, 14:41

OJ says:

Thanks! Very cheeky of me, but I have been meaning to ask you as you did such a good job with various friends.

I have some friends who are getting hitched in your neck of the woods in a couple of months time so I'll drop them a line and a link....

9th Jun 2008, 14:44

Geodyne says:

FF: is that when you marry me?

9th Jun 2008, 14:45

mat says:

OJ - "top tips for voluntary wedding photographers"

Don't do it. Seriously. They are your friends, and if you want them to stay that way, get them to use a professional photographer, so you can relax and enjoy their wedding. If you're doing the photography, you'll be (a) working as a photographer all day and (b) under an enormous amount weight of expectation - you have to deliver their wedding photos! No pressure.

I did it once. Never again. The bastards never even bothered to paid me back for the film/prints.

Last friends who got married, I just went along with my camera and shot candids as and when I felt like it (which turned out to be some 500 photos). It was ace, and I got some really good shots which the bride and groom were really pleased with. But importantly, I had a nice time.

9th Jun 2008, 14:47

FilbertFox says:

Geo - Yup sure is

9th Jun 2008, 15:07

Viv says:

Don't feel self concious about the site Nige - it comes across really really well!

Super pics too - love that one of Uber!

You are working with your heart, your brain and using your talent - expecting great things!

This is brill!

9th Jun 2008, 15:08

have to agree with the matmeister there. i went to a wedding last year and was asked 6 months beforehand whether i'd be willing to do candids / casual photographs and it wasn't until the night before when the parents of the couple started referring to me as 'the photographer' i realised that they had, well, LIED!
so i shat myself out of all orifices and felt the several sacks of spuds of pressure suddenly impact upon me.
thankfully, due to my D80 & 18-200 (and probably only due to that) it went really well.
but, shooting all day (08:00 - 0:00) whilst eating, drinking and socialising really takes its toll. having 1,000-odd shots to sort through is a fucking nightmare too.
(the reason i took so many was because i was so worried i'd muff it up i switched to continuous shutter / burst mode and took 2 - 4 of each shot. it paid off in terms of the overall quality of finished shots, just didn't pay monetarily)

9th Jun 2008, 15:10

OJ says:

I hear what you're saying mat and jetblacknewmoblog, but it's too late.

We did um and ahh and stress that we're not pros and could only really do candid stuff Quite A Lot when they asked us. And we sort of felt obliged because another friend did the same for us - in a karma sort of way.

Anyway, we've agreed now and there will be two of us to take the pressure off a bit. I'll stop hijacking now.

Nige, keep on that high ;)

9th Jun 2008, 15:24

goode says:

you'll be needing business cards and promo stuff done won't you? ha ha...


But that aside WTG man... going self-employed is a big step!

9th Jun 2008, 15:46

JokerXL says:

Boet & I just did a wedding shoot, free for a couple of friends.
1000 plus shots taken between us, about 8hrs of (hard) work on the day (we left the cameras at home for the evening's do) sorting through the many hundreds of decent shots, cropping, straightening, tweeking levels, etc. Is very time consuming and that's before you even get to start "getting down and arty" with any of them. A good three week's work, every spare minute between the day job.
And the stress is indeed extreme.
But I love it!

9th Jun 2008, 15:53

nige says:

i'm going for the trilogy. have to agree with mat and jbnm too, OJ. when i first start reading up on how to shoot weddings for friends, the advice i happened upon time and time again was "don't do it. advise your friends to get an experienced professional...". i did exactly that, but like your friends, mine were having none of it.

anyway, there's quite a few notes and bits and bobs i can send you. i even have a shot list of what essential pics to capture at a wedding (all traditional, and some quite cheesy), but you'll find a few of those online too. och, you'll be alright!

9th Jun 2008, 16:26

nige says:

oh, and goode, you're on my list, don't worry. i'll be in touch :)

should i get my diary out for a foxy and geo wedding? why not do a double with sprocket and kylie? i'd love to take pics of that.

jbnm, the solution i use is squarespace (see https://photographers.squarespace.com/). it's ideal for me, because i don't have any design / coding skills (although i can understand and edit html / css a little) and i thought the standard templates were quite appealing. thats all i have - a standard template with a few edits, and the banner i did myself. best part though is i get to have a favicon! always wanted one. haha.

9th Jun 2008, 16:47

thanks for the heads up re: site mister :)

9th Jun 2008, 16:51

OJ says:

"och you'll be alright"

Yep, that's my philosophy at the moment.

Have passed your website details on....

9th Jun 2008, 17:10

FilbertFox says:

i think a double wedding would indeed be grand

9th Jun 2008, 17:11

goode says:

just shout when you need me! :)

9th Jun 2008, 17:51

nige says:

thanks OJ :)

will do goode.

cheers G.

9th Jun 2008, 22:24

nige says:

not to my knowledge mandy.

i searched around for a while and i thought squarespace were the best i looked at. you can trial them free for 2 weeks.

10th Jun 2008, 00:49

SuziQ says:

sensational stuff Nige... following your dreams, and clearly your passion. I wish you every wonderful bit of fortune you so truly deserve... your images are magnificent...thank you so much for sharing your talents

10th Jun 2008, 02:32

Tim(td-dot-stevenson-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Good luck with the business Nige, but I'm not planning on creating any new business for you any time soon!

10th Jun 2008, 09:07

Bird(ladya-at-fsmail-dot-net) says:

You still up for the 'trash th dress shoot' with the motorbikes?

10th Jun 2008, 10:47

nige says:

nice one tim! well you know who to call when the time is right ; )

hello chicky! how are ya? so good to hear from you! i'll drop you a line on email, but i'm definitely up for that. didn't you hear my monster got pinched though? just got the insurance money through.

10th Jun 2008, 11:13

540air says:

Excellent!!!! Good luck dude, hope it all goes well :D

10th Jun 2008, 11:41

huawei says:

nige sir Are you pig?

10th Jun 2008, 13:41

mara says:

Hip hip hurraaaaaa Nige! : )

10th Jun 2008, 16:21

nige says:

540 & mara, thankyou :)

huawei / mikey, you know i'm a rat.
or a monkey.

10th Jun 2008, 22:40

lilitiger says:

Excellent news, Nige. Best of luck and success! I'm sure it'll go from strength to strength.

11th Jun 2008, 09:23

paintist says:

wow....I am so pleased for you, taking photos of happy days must be good for the soul too.....and I love the added bonus of the trash the dress shoots as well....:-)

11th Jun 2008, 16:44

beth says:

Coorr. Well good luck! I know you've got the drive to pull this off, or whatever's best for you off. Let me know if there's anything I can join in on.

12th Jun 2008, 11:10

kel says:

Exciting stuff. I think all the weddings (and there's been a lot of them over the last year!) in my diary have happened now, but I'll definitely point any hitchee's to be your way. Nice one.

12th Jun 2008, 13:56

nige says:

lilitiger, boet - fankya!

paintist, you've hit the nail right on the head with your comment - taking part in the happiness of other people's lives has to leave it's mark somehow. i think it can only add to my own sense of joy, and i really need that.

beth, of course. i've already got around to thinking about such collaborations, and i will certainly be in touch. thanks for your well wishes.

and kel, keep me in mind! i know what you mean, this is certainly the time when all my friends seem to be getting hitched!

12th Jun 2008, 15:14

goode says:

I'll need to get married one day... You're top of the list! :)

12th Jun 2008, 15:17

Geodyne says:

Nige: a double wedding, what a great idea! Have to marry the Aussies into the population somehow...

12th Jun 2008, 15:20

Caine says:

You are so very talented, Nige, and it's great to see this development. Congratulations!

14th Jun 2008, 04:03

itchymoblog says:

Congratulations! (Sorry, I'm just getting to this now). I'm really pleased that you've been able to make this fly :) The site is great and I love the photos you're showing there. I'd book you for my wedding if it weren't (a) already organised and (b) in Canada.

Awesome stuff :) I wish you huge success!

18th Jun 2008, 18:34

nige says:

thanks again :)

and kate, what a compliment! so much so, in fact, that if you were'n't already married, i'd marry you, and get someone else to take the pictures!

; )

21st Jun 2008, 13:45

Puddikat says:

Best of Luck Nige. Love the stolen moment pics and the site.

21st Jun 2008, 16:12

nige says:


21st Jun 2008, 18:57

lps says:

Nige I've visited your site, I love your stolen moments. It has to be a pleasure that someone like you steal moments from a wedding. I'm really impressed by your work, your shots are really beautiful and they reveal those little but significant moments that no one capture in a wedding day.


22nd Jun 2008, 11:54

SaharaSB says:

wow nige, i just come across this - well done ! im very impressed and very happy for you - truly.

28th Jun 2008, 11:08

nige says:

truly? you sure? hehe. how ya been chicky?

28th Jun 2008, 11:10

SaharaSB says:

truly - im really good ta.

28th Jun 2008, 11:15